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Corporate Wellness Win-Win Strategy For All

Product Overview

SKOR app is an integral component of the corporate health and wellness program marketed by Rewardz to corporates with an objective to help their employees stay fit and healthy. The investment by employers into such a program pays them off in terms of improved workforce efficiency, decreased attrition and increased employee satisfaction.

About Our Client

Rewardz is a globally acclaimed employee engagement and benefit programs provider based in Singapore. The company takes pride in having clients as big as NUHS, Intercontinental Hotel, Fuji Xerox, and much more.

Business Challenges

  • Decreasing number of clients in absence of a digital platform
  • Deteriorating relationship with clients owing to poor accessibility of information
  • Keeping a track of individual and workforce’s fitness
  • Enabling clients to cope with absenteeism, attrition and rising insurance budget
Android and iOS

Mobile App Development: Key Benefits

Taking stock of the challenges, our mobile app developers strategized, planned and developed SKOR for Android and iOS platforms. Key benefits of the app can be summed up as follows:

Benefits for employers

  • Curtail health premium costs
  • Retain good workers
  • Attract good employees
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve employee productivity, morale, and safety

Benefits for employees

  • Avoid health risk
  • Improved productivity and growth
  • Quality life
  • Better family caring

Benefits for health insurance providers

  • Low premiums more popularity
  • Fewer claims more ROI

When clients and their stakeholders getting benefited by Rewardz’s program, there is little doubt that the latter will be reaping the dividend.