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The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just defining how we live, connect and play but also reengineering and revitalizing business processes across different sectors.  Bringing objects, consumers and activities in the digital loop, the Internet of

The world is not new to artificial intelligence (AI). Alexa, Siri and Google Allo are some of the widely known AI derivatives, often dubbed as virtual assistants, that OEMs have been using over the years with the objectives: drive user engagement

We do business in a data-driven ecosystem. Hence, we must discover and champion ways to monetize data to make better decisions to stay ahead of the competition. With collaboration and business intelligence becoming a success mantra in today’s web

Learn to cook lip-smacking food from PhoneGap or Cordova app developers at Root Info Solutions. This is a no nonsense breaking news. Read the Why Not. You can learn how to make lip-smacking recipes with the instructions available on a mobile app,

Think of your last 24 hours. Chances are you have had several interactions with friends, family and community over some or the other social networking apps or websites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or others. In fact, you