Education Mobility Solutions

Education Mobility Solutions

Education is the fastest growing sector in the world, and its worth is expected to reach US$6.3 trillion by 2017.

Equipping your education system with the right set of e-Learning tools comprising web and/or mobile applications, Root Info Solutions (RIS) lets you extend your reach and penetration and improve your delivery platform – making it more accessible, faster, more convenient and environment-friendly – to help you make the most of the opportunity. We are focused on creating a win-win strategy for administrators, teachers, students and parents.

Integrated and Efficient Management

We offer an inclusive e-Learning portal, providing authentication-based access to teachers, administrators and students to it, to streamline your vital operations.

Student Lifecycle Management

 Admission, registration, forms, FAQs, attendance, assessment, results, peformance reports, learning matrix, and more.

Institution Management

Class/examination schedules, teachers scheduling, event management, internal communication and social media collaboration management, news and announcements, assessment management, m-portfolio, etc.

Curriculum Management

 Course structuring and authoring, syllabus,

training material, virtual libraries, knowledgebase, examination papers, education broadcast, student-generated content, and more.

Administrative Services Management

 Inventory management, workflow management, notifications and alerts, payments, franchise management, resource room scheduling, recruitments, etc.

Unlimited Study Modules

Based on the level, subject choice, and profile and comfort of students, incorporate the right study materials and teaching methods in your website or mobile app to get more traffic and users.

Extended Faculty

Make your team bigger by allowing other like-minded people to join your faculty. Allow them to easily sign up, upload their content and reach out to students who are interested in their subjects. However, keep a tab on the quality of materials and teaching.

24/7 Accessibility

Make your learning materials accessible to students round-the-clock across any desktop, laptop or smartphone, and help them complete their courses without any time constraint.

Low Cost of Investment

Diminishing the territorial border, with RIS provisioned e-Learning solution reach out to more students without increasing your operating budget.

Personalized Content

Periodically evaluate the learning capabilities of your students offering them practical exercises, and accordingly, provide them with customized study materials in texts, graphics, audio, and videos that they can absorb easily and move ahead.

Beyond Students

Teachers and parents are also benefited out of the learning apps. Teachers can better plan their curriculum and make study interactive. Parents can easily find affordable learning materials and keep a better check on the progress of their kids.

  • Pre-Kindergarten or Fun-Based Learning Apps
  • Study Aid And Preparatory Websites And Apps
  • Elementary School Apps
  • Language Learning Websites And Apps
  • Environmental Science Apps
  • Mathematics Learning Websites And Apps
  • Technology Education Websites And Apps
  • Competitive Exam Websites And Apps
  • Corporate Training and Development Apps
  • A state-of-the-art website and mobile app development environment
  • Strategic consulting on building integrated education portals
  • Planning user-centric web portals
  • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge
  • Data capture, compiling and analytics solutions
  • Multi-tier integrated testing system
  • Delivering websites and portals complying international standards

Looking forward to have a strategic web or mobile application for your organization? Reach out to us. We build, integrate and re-engineer business technology solutions and deliver incredible after-sales support for them to let you delight customers, cut down business overhead and have a stunning presence in the market.

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