Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

At Root Info Solutions (RIS), we plan, develop, modulate and integrate healthcare mobility solutions, and empower our clients including consumers, healthcare providers, health wearable manufacturers, and health insurance companies to leverage the health data analytics and build a healthier and happier world.

RIS has a team of experienced mobile app developers who can leverage the native frameworks like GoogleFit and HealthKit, and hybrid ones like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhoneGap among others, and develop cognitive health apps.

For Consumers

We develop health and fitness apps that can help consumers to monitor their heart rate, blood sugar, steps walked, calories burnt, and much more without seeking any external assistance. These apps provide preventive and curative recommendations to end-users and let them lead a happy life. The data can also provide insights to medical practitioners to deal with chronic diseases.

For Health Monitoring Wearable Makers

We develop health and fitness applications embracing right functionality, analytics and user-interface matching the needs of the makers of wearable devices like fitness trackers. We make sure that the device delivers warranted performance to consumers.

For Healthcare Providers

We build smarter healthcare operations for clients and enable them to improve their care and quality by accelerating innovation through better data analytics and collaboration.

We help them keeping healthcare services highly accessible, responsive and affordable. We also assist them to comply with health regulations and mandates and drive consumer-engagement and operational efficiency to deliver the best experience to end-users and optimize profit.

Building a digital healthcare ecosystem, we are keen on transforming health care industry from being mere curative care-givers to preventive care-givers. Our healthcare IT solutions help with centralizing the data dispersed across different silos – big data analytics, consumer's personal devices or fitness trackers, and preliminary diagnostic report.

For Health Insurance Providers

Our preventive health solutions help health insurance companies to keep a check on health bill claims, lower down the insurance premiums to cope with the regulations like Affordable Care Act (ACT), health insurance exchanges (HIX) and similar others and offer a personalized healthcare plans to consumers.

  • Health and fitness apps
  • Wearable health monitoring apps
  • Healthcare consumer-engagement solution
  • Healthcare performance management solution
  • Wellness management solution
  • Insurance claim management solution
  • Ideal environment to build and maintain websites and apps
  • Understanding of industry insights and users' behavior
  • Aligning technology with operational needs
  • Developing people-centric products addressing their needs and challenges
  • Building cross-platform applications
  • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge
  • Data capture, compiling and analytics solutions
  • Multi-tier integrated testing system
  • Delivering websites and portals complying international standards
  • Multi-level integrated testing system

Looking forward to have a strategic web or mobile application for your organization? Reach out to us. We build, integrate and re-engineer business technology solutions and deliver incredible after-sales support for them to let you delight customers, cut down business overhead and have a stunning presence in the market.

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