Hospitality Mobility Solutions

Hospitality Mobility Solutions

The hospitality industry is expected to generate 550 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2016.

Elevating your service quality with the right IT solutions differentiate your brand from the rest, and let your guests feel special about the experience.

Whether you own a hotel, cafe, barista, restaurant, motel, tourism business, or are in any way associated with the hospitality industry, the web, application and software development services from Root Info Solutions (RIS) can make your job easier, faster and smarter, and experience of your guests unforgettable.

Customer Engagement

Adopt multi-channel communication. Let customers find the right information that they are looking for over the web & mobile apps across a device of their choice anytime, anywhere, and drive engagement.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Let customers choose the service or product that they need using your website or mobile applications in a quick and easy manner. Providing them with an intuitive and connected experience, boost your sales and marketing endeavor


Give flexible, custom and secure online payment options to your website or app users. Let them pay conveniently in their own currencies using the card that they have.

Customer Satisfaction

Let them lodge their grievances in a quick and easy manner using your website or app on any PC, tablet or smartphone. At the same time with data centralization and synchronization, help your people serve them without fail.

Brand Reputation

By keeping your customers closer and happier, and people productive than ever with a connected, transparent and agile business system, create a niche of your own.

Efficient Workforce Management

Better mange your workforce and Daily Operation


  • Travel & tourism website and app development
  • Restaurant and hotel app development
  • Train/flight enquiry and booking app development
  • Map and GPS navigation app development
  • Weather information app development
  • Entertainment, theater, TV app development
  • Workforce management apps
  • Ideal environment to build and maintain websites and apps
  • Building custom products to work consistently
  • Developing products to empower users
  • Building platform-agnostic web and mobile applications
  • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge
  • Data capture, compiling and analytics solutions
  • Delivering websites and portals complying international standards
  • Multi-level integrated testing system

Looking forward to have a strategic web or mobile application for your organization? Reach out to us. We build, integrate and re-engineer business technology solutions and deliver incredible after-sales support for them to let you delight customers, cut down business overhead and have a stunning presence in the market.

Alternatively, call us on +44 207 096 0066 or e-mail us to discuss your project.

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