Node JS Web Application Development

Node JS Web Application Development

40% users quit a website that loads beyond 3 seconds. Even customer satisfaction get diluted by 16% if a website performs slowly.

Taking advantage of the capabilities of Node JS, at Root Info Solutions (RIS), we develop faster user-friendly web applications to help your prospects or customers connect with you faster. With user-centric website services, you can expect more traffic or visitors, more engagement and more conversion that will ultimately push your ROI (return on investment).

Before availing of your products or services to themselves, consumers get acquainted with your website. Thus, their customer-experience starts right from the website, the moment they try to open it or access the web-based services. Node  JS helps in building light-weight user-friendly websites to cope with the demand of agile consumers.

Knowing Objectives

What you market, whom you serve, where you serve and who are your competitors and what technologies they have in hand, keeping everything in mind, we plan and design the layout of your website that can give you a competitive edge by giving your consumers a better website experience.

Knowing Users

Leveraging industry insights from trusted sources like comScore and Flurry, we read the mind of your website visitors. We narrow-down our study based on the demographic factors like gender, age, educational qualification, etc. of your target audience to understand their preferences clearly.
Transforming Ideas into Action

Interpreting everything, we develop the website using Node JS framework. We pick the right components from its library and place them at appropriate and make sure that they work cohesively to let the user receive uninterrupted and inclusive experience.

Ensuring Quality

Every Node JS web application passes through 3-tier quality evaluation. We inspect their correctness, performance, security, portabiltiy and interoperability  before getting them delivered.

  • A state-of-the-art website development and testing environment
  • Node JS expertise and architectural best practices
  • Strategic IT consulting capability
  • Mobile-friendly design capability
  • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge
  • Third-party application/account integration capability

Software consulting

  • UX design & prototyping
  • Custom development
  • Software reengineering
  • Software maintenance services
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Better customer-experience across multiple devices
  • Rich user-engagement across any PC, tablet and phone
  • Reduces technology investment for multiple platforms
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to deploy and integrate with the back-end server
  • Higher return on investment

Looking forward to have a strategic web or mobile application for your organization? Reach out to us. We build, integrate and re-engineer business technology solutions and deliver incredible after-sales support for them to let you delight customers, cut down business overhead and have a stunning presence in the market.

Alternatively, call us on +44 207 096 0066 or e-mail us to discuss your project.

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