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Agile Methodology for Mobile Application Development

We design, develop, test and deliver quality Android and iOS mobile apps adhering to the principles and practices enshrined in the Agile methodology for mobile application development


Enabling us to meet predefined and emerging requirements of a client successfully, the Agile methodology for mobile application development contributes immensely towards our growing list of happy clients from across the world. 


Delivering 300+ successful app development projects, we have become one of the top mobile app development companies on the planet, according to many independent sources.


Leveraging a host of Agile project management software, Taiga and Atlassian Jira, to name a few, we serve for-profit, not-for-profits, and digital marketing agencies across the world in the best possible manner.


Key Advantages You Have With Our Agile Delivery Methodology 


  • You no longer stay as a spectator, rather become an integral part of our cross-functional team of UX-UI designers, mobile app developers, and quality analysts
  • You gain a 360-degree visibility on the software lifecycle - from design to delivery
  • You have access to the working software on a regular basis (once or twice in a week)
  • You receive a more relevant working software or build as new changing requirements are adopted sooner
  • You get a mobile app baked with technical and user experience excellence 
  • You get the mobile app development project delivered as per your TTM (Time to Market)


Agile Development Practices We Follow


The Agile methodology for mobile application development that we follow is supported by an array of proven practices, covering processes like requirement gathering, design, modelling, coding, testing, planning, risk management, quality compliance, etc. Here is a list of significant Agile software development practices and the ultimate benefits you have.


1. Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)


Bridging you with designers, developers, and testers, it helps you to communicate your app development project-specific requirements ahead of the implementation. 


2. Agile Modeling


We document the values and principles to be applied in the mobile app development projects that eases the implementation of other agile development methodologies such as Scrum, extreme programming (XP), and Rational Unified Process (RUP).


3. Agile Testing


Making testing an integral part of the mobile app development lifecycle, we make sure that bugs and errors are nipped in the bud.  Lead by testers, Agile testing, keeps everyone from UX-UI mobile app designers to mobile app developers in the loop.


4. Backlogs (Product and Sprint)


Every stakeholder remains in the know of their to-do and what?s pending lists. This helps us achieve the client?s expectations with iterative and incremental mobile app development.


5. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)


Validation of every app-functionality is done in a planned way so as not to miss any test cases or criterion defining them. This also entails knowing the root causes and relevant fixes.

Agile Methodology for Mobile Application Development


Agile Methodology Development
Agile Methodology for Mobile Application Development