Android App Development: Key Differentiators

27 April 2016
Android App Development: Key Differentiators
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Posted by Root Info Solutions

Close to 86% of the mobile time is spent in apps alone. The tug-of-war between the mobile web and mobile apps is a history (March 2015), but a big challenge of mastering UX (User-Experience) is there for every Android app development company.

The rationale behind highlighting Android app development doesn't need any explanation. Android holds over 82% of the mobile operating system market share, and is distributed by a bunch of leading OEMs; Samsung, HTC, and Gionee are a few to name

Moving ahead with unswerving determination, since offline work, the popularity of Android and Android-compatible mobile apps have achieved many milestones. However, the story of Android success remains incomplete without bidding sincere thanks to Android and, obviously, to the Android app development discipline.

Google Play houses 1.43 million apps published and has witnessed over 50 billion downloads.

With success comes the responsibility, and being an Android apps development company, we, at Root Info Solutions, are leaving no stone unturned to make sure Android mobile consumers have the best experience with our apps. Key differentiators of our mobile apps are listed here.

Personalization Options

"Personalization induce a trust factor in the customer-relationship"

An app is just as the brand ambassador of a company. The moment a user opens it, he or she should be taken away by its look and feel. That connectivity should not be superficial, rather, it should evoke a sense of pride in the user, that yes, this is the right place for him or her.

Simplicity for Users

"Almost 30% of Android apps are deleted within 10 minutes of download"

In the battle between the Android app developer and mobile application testing expert, the user wins the game. Wondering? Yes, users love simplicity, and we love to see smiles on their face. We bring both our developer and testing expert on the same board when it comes to designing and coding the UI part.

Good Performance

"Majority of users abort the app downloading process owing to slow progress and 25-30 % of users decide to stop using an app within 3-7 days of download"

We optimize the code and achieve better memory management in the Android apps to make sure users don't have to kill their time, no matter, whether they are installing it or getting it uninstalled from their devices. We want to keep their journey smooth.


"A big chunk of mobile consumers hesitate to download a mobile app owing to security concern raised by peers or previous users"

Our Android apps development team pays subtle attention to debugging an app. We use plug-ins from trusted sources only to make the app immune against emerging e-Threats. Whether it's building a shopping app, social networking app, gaming app or something else, we suggest our partner respect the user's privacy and collect minimum information from users that is required to proceed their requests.

Offline work

"Users could be traveling in the metro tunnel, trekking, rafting, or be anywhere, where the network ceases to work, but your app should be up and running everywhere"

Uninterrupted performance is an integral aspect of any apps that users love. By enabling offline mode in apps, we make it a reality. All basic and advanced tasks performed by the users are responded and stored locally. We define .sync() methods for every collection that help in merging local repositories with the remote server once the Internet connection gets established.

Support & Updates

"Users love new features and want quick fixes to their problems"

With user-centric innovation, our Android apps development team empowers brands to have a better impact and reach in the market. We also keep a close watch on what users have to say about our app. We monitor the app stores and trusted customer review portals to learn about the experiences of uses with respect to the app, and provide quick solutions to them as and when required.

Thus, at Root Info Solutions, our endeavor is to provide comprehensive Android app development solution. Have something to say? If yes, do share your comments or queries.

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