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Ionic Mobile App Development

Root Info Solutions's Ionic Mobile App Development solution is aimed at transforming the user experience on Android and iOS platforms and empowering businesses and nonprofits alike to achieve their missions and visions positively. 


Churning the technical expertise and leveraging the best practices, principles and tools of the Agile methodology, cross platform app developers at Root Info Solutions craft the right experience to help clients gain a competitive edge without investing a fortune. 


Key Advantages of Partnering with This Ionic App Development Company 


  • We take into consideration the project?s requirements, the interests and preferences of the target audience, and the challenges that might come across in the posterity to help you triumph the marketplace. 
  • Low Cost App Development: Hybrid mobile app development with Ionic helps you target both Android and iOS platforms simultaneously with a single app build.
  • Reduced TTM (Time to Market): Staying true to the principles and practices of Agile methodology, we deliver the quality product within the deadlines you set.
  • Quicker Adaptability with Changes: Any emerging needs either recommended by you or our QAs are absorbed in the built hybrid apps without any delay.
  • Great User Experience Fully-Featured Apps: Unleashing the knowledge base and the resource available with Ionic community, we strive to build that perfect mobile apps you have dreamt so far.


Ionic App Development by Industry 


Our Ionic developers take into account the user experience guidelines of Android and iOS and create custom cross platform apps to serve varying purposes.  A few are highlighted here.


1. Social Media App Development


We create social media or social networking apps for Android and iOS using Ionic to help people connect and share content effortlessly and businesses to make the most of the engagement.


2. Retail or Shopping App Development


We help retailers to transform their brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer service strategy and stay future ready with Ionic app development for Android and iOS.


3. Sports App Development


We create amazing sports app from the Ionic hybrid app development framework. Reach out to the sports enthusiasts and drive meaningful engagement. 


4. Music App Development


We have an experienced team of Ionic developers to build engaging entertainment or music app as per your requirements. We do successful integration with Spotify, Netflix, etc.


5. IoT Application Development


We take advantage of the universal web technologies available with Ionic hybrid app development framework, including HTML5, CSS3 and Sass to built Ionic apps for Agriculture, manufacturing, retail, etc.

Ionic App Development Company


Ionic App Development
Ionic App Development Company