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Corporate Advocacy And Engagement Application Development

Amployee - a flutter based robust application which is basically employee advocacy and engagement platform exclusively designed to empower employees in amplifying the brand story of an organization.

Client Objective: To Build Simple Employee Advocacy & Engagement Platform

Employee Advocacy and engagement is not a simple task, thus the application development was fired with an aim to establish simple advocacy to drive engagement through word of mouth - an effective and reliable approach to convince people. And at the same time, it excites employee with reward winning programmes. This a two in one perk for corporate management.

Technology Used:

The app is built using Flutter - an innovative open-source framework powered by Google. In other words, this can be addressed as one of the best cross-platform application development tools.  For Front-end (Web) prospective - Angular4 and Python are leveraged for the backend.

Flutter best suits the requirement to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.

What Made Flutter an ideal Choice for the Development:

1) Enhance Performance with Hot Reload
2) To establish Native Experience
3) Reactive framework with an engaging feature
4) Expressive & Intriguing UIs

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amployee app

Advantages of Amployee:

Highly advantageous to increase your brand reach and influence others by making it simple for executives, salespeople, and other employees to engage in social selling and employee advocacy.

For Employee:

  • Helps in Employee Engagement

  • Employees can Win rewards

  • Motivate employee in active participation

For the Organisation:

  • Significantly Reduce Recruitment Costs

  • Provide A Great Way To Find And Retain The Best Talent Through Employee Advocate Marketing

  • Generate Increased Leads Through Social Selling

  • Accelerate Sales Cycle Through Reviews

  • Grow Brand Reach And Increase Positive Recommendations.

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