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Drinxology is a native Android TV app that fuels the endeavor of a digital marketing agency. The objective of the app is to advertise and market the alcoholic beverages like wine and spirits to consumers at kiosks.

About Product Owner

Drinxology is a New York, US-based digital marketing agency that focuses on the wine and spirits business. The company helps their partners to drive brand awareness and customer-engagement rate and, ultimately, tap the opportunity available with the $24.1 billion and growing alcoholic beverages industry.


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Client Challenges

  • Increasing brand rivalry
  • Informed consumers with a rising level of expectation
  • Rising operational cost
  • Increasing customer-acquisition cost
  • Complexity with multi-tiered customer-engagement model
  • Managing multiple clients
  • Helping clients to manage their different kiosks or sales counter

Android TV App Development: Key Benefits

The native Drinxology app orchestrates a win-win strategy for everyone involved in the business of wine and spirits, including customers. Here is a walk-through.

1. Consumers

Consumers can choose from the product range available on the kiosk after going through their nitty and gritty aspects, including product type, brand, price, discounts or rebate, etc. The app is connected with a printer from where they can take a print out of the order placed and submit it to the person responsible to serve or do the billing task.Categories

  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Bear
  • Drink Recipes
  • Party Planning
  • Food Pairing

2. Retailers

Retailers can manage their display advertisements and customer-acquisition operations effectively at different kiosks. Thus, a sales manager heading the business can not just exercise control on the type of ads being shown to the audience but also have a 360-degree view and control on different kiosks that are operating under him or her. He or she can assign content or products to different kiosks and take a stock of how they work.

3. Drinxology

This section provides Drinxology a control on the entire retailers or clients availing themselves of the digital marketing services offered by it. This is also called the admin-panel. Key reports made available here include:

  • Retail Summary Report
  • Brand Summary Report
  • Registered Consumer Report
  • What's Selling