Build Dynamic and Enterprise-ready Apps With AngularJS

12 April 2019
Build Dynamic and Enterprise-ready Apps With AngularJS
Build Dynamic and Enterprise-ready Apps With AngularJS
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With time AngularJS has transformed in a great way - from a single page application to cross-platform apps. It has gained a lot of popularity as a versatile platform and the complete credit owes to Google?s active support. This is the reason developers are continuously adapting it for building flexible and scalable web apps and mobile apps.

Since its inception in the year 2012, AngularJS Application Development has gone through many changes in line with the technological advancements in both the web and mobile app development domain. It marks a progressive development from 2016 to 2018.

In this blog, let's talk about some major benefits of AngularJS development services.

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications):

To bridge the gap between regular web pages and a mobile application, in the year 2015, Google has introduced the concept of Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. AngularJS platform extends its support for PWA development with the Angular 5 hit. The framework executes the progressive web app development process in a less complex manner easing the developer's effort. It has a tendency to make intricate apps in a short time.  

Dynamic Apps:

Apps with powerful content or dynamic apps are AngularJS extended beneficiaries. Originally, the core intention concerned with the development of the AngularJS framework was Single Page Applications (SPAs). The technology transitions have added a number of app development tools in this framework to simplify the app development process. Here, you need to Hire AngularJS Developers to avail efficient web and mobile app solutions.

Enterprise-grade Web Applications:

AngularJS is a robust framework and offers features like advanced refactoring, autocompletion, etc. And these are essential features to build high-end large-scale and enterprise-grade apps.  The architecture makes easy to maintain the code and also empower the developers to practice the same code over various platforms.

Here, it is good to mention that static websites and SEO-optimized websites cannot get benefits of this platform. However, the AngularJS platform lacks SEO techniques and therefore, it cannot help developers build  SEO-friendly websites.

Reasons why AngularJS development services are globally adopted by Enterprises

Material Design Elements:

Google is material design - is one of the most innovative technology concepts.  As backed by Google, AngularJS offers plenty of optimized Material Design elements. This element equips the developer?s life with ease by facilitating to integrate UI components on the framework.  

Blooming Community:

AngularJS - ever-growing developer community and Google?s active backing is quite beneficial and add the trust factor in Angular platform. This provides a great reason for many developers globally to adopt AngularJS for their web app projects.

AngularJS can get benefits of Google?s insights (prominent search engine till date -  it is easy to get 24/7 support) regarding the user?s specification in web apps and websites.

Command Line Interface or CLI:

CLI - leading feature widely appreciated by the developers globally. It can automate the development process to expedite other relevant processes for instance;  app initialization, platform configuration, etc. to run flawlessly.

Moreover, it also allows app developers to build a new Angular project by adding supplementary features. It also expedites to run end-to-end tests for improving the code quality and advancing the development process.

Range of Elements:

With Angular 6 advent of Angular - there have been numerous customized elements.  AngularJS developers can readily add these elements to any web application irrespective of its original platforms like React and JQuery. Or you can say, these elements execute the modification of web apps smoothly, although they are developed using React or JQuery platforms.

As we know, Google constantly adds innovative elements in this platform for making the development process much more pleasant and innovative for the developers.


This platform offers in-depth documentation as it can hold all the inevitable details about the web app development. The developers can employ it when necessary to simplify the process. With the Angular JS documentation - it is easy to come up with customized app solutions at a rapid pace.

Ivy Renderer:

Ivy Renderer is really a great miracle brought by Angular 6. It is capable to translate the app components and templates into JS-based codes and such codes can be instantly displayed in a web browser. Another benefit offered is - it can eliminate the unnecessary code to keep the relevant code in a compact and precise way. Additionally, it facilitates fast to load web apps.

Dependency Injection:

Dependency injection is a method in which one object produces a set of dependencies of the other object, or the dependency injection basically the interrelation between different components connected with one another.

In AngularJS, using this feature, developers can convert the code into a coherent and maintainable format. Thus, the developers can establish an easily customizable and flexible web and app solution.

Wrapping Up:

Overcoming the growing challenges and increasing competition in the corporate sector is necessary, and to do so AngularJS web app development framework offers powerful features to address the same. Of course, the above-mentioned reasons strongly justifies why AngularJS is a preferred choice of developers and entrepreneurs alike.

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