5 Must-Have Features in Your Digital Marketing App

27 April 2018
5 Must-Have Features in Your Digital Marketing App
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As we know, with the advent of smartphone the consumers are spending more time on mobile devices. This has made mobility adoption a necessity because today business needs to have more than a mobile-friendly website. Moreover, a source reveals that 90% of the time spent by users on smartphones is utilized in apps, thus businesses need their own branded apps to engage with mobile customers.
Once, when you have made your mind to build mobile app solution, you need to target the unique features that should be incorporated into your brand?s app to attract a large number of mobile user base. Let?s explore some of the important app features which are crucial to lure your target audience.

Rich Push Notifications

 Push notification is one of the key elements in your app that helps your consumers to come back for more. Well, it also crucial to add enticing push notifications, like end season sale, exclusive offers and etc, so that more number of people open it.
Hence, you can make use of creativity in your business by opting exciting push notifications such as offering deals to mobile users or encourage customers to take a specific action within the app to unlock a discount.
As we know, users always look for more, hence with rich push notifications, you can spice up your business to the next level with video, photos, links, and text. This enhances user engagement and further increase the number of time consumers spends in the app.

Social Media Integration

 Social media is an important tool to connect business with customers. And a mobile app with social media integration enables your businesses to drive more traffic and encourage worth engagement across different platforms.
When a mobile app is linked directly to social media websites, it encourages users to follow the business? profiles, share information, updates news and etc. This helps to grow your business? online following. It accelerates higher levels of social media activity.  Quite obvious, when customer download branded apps, they are more likely to interact with social media.

Photo Galleries and Multimedia

 In-app photo galleries and videos have taken user engagement to next level. In this digital era, high-quality visual content attracts mobile users as it?s easy to browse and provides specific product information at a glance. Additionally, when the app is easy to edit, you can make real-time updates about the business on any device. This means you can upload pictures or information straight from Smartphone and your app will showcase up-to-date visuals right away.

Click-to-Call and Click-for-Directions

 What is this click-to-call or click-for-directions?  Well, these are buttons in a mobile app that simplifies the user?s experience. For example; with a click-to-click button the extra steps of copying and pasting can be reduced. Similarly, click-for-directions buttons provide a simple and easy solution that can lure more customers as it has the facility to view the map and get directions easily.

User-Friendly Interface

Do you know what attract people towards apps? Well, the answer is, it allows convenient, no one wants a confusing interface and end up deleting such apps.  

An easy-to-use interface is what every user looks and this keeps them engaged. What you need to do is, simply make an uncluttered screen, and keep pop-ups to the minimum. Further, to have a sharp impression, use brand colors into the design, but make sure it does not the overshadow content.


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