Boost Your Retail Revenue By Integrating AI Chatbots

16 February 2019
Boost Your Retail Revenue By Integrating AI Chatbots
Boost Your Retail Revenue By Integrating AI Chatbots
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The retail industry has always been endeavoring to take innovative initiatives to improve the customer experience. And thanks to the omnipresence of messaging apps, the chatbots are experiencing the surge. The chatbots have emerged as a powerful platform that can fill in the gap that varies online experience from offline experience.

Integrating Chatbot Application Development Services, many companies are successfully delivering the accurate suggestions to enhance the experience, and it does not end here, rather it also offers opportunities like exclusive access and highly personalized previews.

Some Interesting Fact - Stats and Research:

The new report from Juniper Research states that Chatbots will benefit retailers, banks and healthcare organizations in saving $11 billion annually within five years, with retailers holding the lion?s share of the savings. The vital role that artificial-intelligence-based voice- or text-activated assistants are playing in the industry?s future ? and present cannot be overlooked. This is the reason, Chatbot Application Company are endeavouring to inculcate the worthiness to benefit the  present business era.

The savings has been only possible due to the reduced time, and businesses will spend the respective on customer service activities ? about 2.5 billion hours yearly among the three industries by 2023. Further, It has been observed that AI concedes retailers spend less on humans working in call centers.

For instance; The new research report, ?Chatbots: Banking, eCommerce, Retail & Healthcare 2018-2023,? prophesies that, by 2023, over 70 percent of chatbots will be retail-based, as merchants continue to adopt technology -  this will save money and drive revenue as well.

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In this blogs, let's explore in detail how the top retail brands are leveraging chatbots development? How it is helping to enhance customer experience!


H&M - a highly recognized brand in the fashion industry, launched a chatbot on Canadian messaging app Kik, in early 2016. And this was used by 40% of the US teenagers. The chatbot development was designed to allow the customer to see, share and purchase the product from H&M's Catalogue. Apart from this, it also offered personalized styling services. The photo options and further asking question about shoppers style, the bots

With the photo options and further asking question about shoppers style, the bots can create a comprehensive profile they have been looking for. And once, the profile is created, the users can use the personalization options for shopping.

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Tommy Hilfiger:

One of the leading apparel and accessories brand from America- Tommy Hilfiger is also the early chatbot adopter. They released a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. When the user sign-in the conversation, the chatbot greets and introduces the collections, offering three options; Style advice, browsing and a behind-the-scenes look. Here, the bot deals with the consumer's query demonstrating the language processing abilities along with relating the customer's queries. The bots read the keywords searched by consumers, and according provide solutions.


An international (French-headquartered) personal care and the beauty stores chain - Sephora.

This store introduced its chatbot development on messenger service Kik. Here, the first time a shopper assisted by the chatbot was invited to take part in a short quiz, and this helped the bot to learn more about the consumer. Users can get tips or reviews on specific types of product.

The Sephora?s chatbot was designed to provide customers with opportunities focused to simplify the user's task. for instance; the user can book a makeover by simply clicking on ?Book a Makeover?.


Burberry - a luxury clothing brand Burberry also introduced it's bot like other retail, on Facebook Messenger. Here, once, the users share their location, they got information about the nearest Burberry store. The chatbot reminded users regarding the latest collection of bags; by allowing several options like clicking the ?Discover More? option. It also allowed the users to browse the collection and know more about the designs and style. With Burberry?s chatbot, users can avail pre-made ideas for an outstanding shopping experience.


Retail e-commerce, eBay released its Facebook Messenger chatbot ShopBot in Oct 2016. eBay First started using chatbot technology by steering a simple Facebook Messenger tool that tells bidders 15 minutes before an auction listing is about to end. After gaining the success, eBay expanded the ShopBot functioning, and this time it understands the user's requirement by processing their text messages and images to provide them with the best match. This contextual understanding and machine learning abilities increased the popularity of the chatbots further.  

benefits of chatbots                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Conclusion:

Well, Chatbots application development is not new in trend, but still, constantly the growth is booming in almost every industry because of the ease it offers to the process of interaction. Digitalization is stepping to a new horizon, demanding personalization and human touch, and this has initiated the need for customer-focused marketing to an accelerated peak.

Apart from this, it also offered personalized styling services. The photo options and further asking question about shoppers style, the bots

The AI Chatbots are proving they are worth in making consumers happy. And of course, at the time the technologies like Machine learning, Artificial intelligence or natural language processing can be used to leverage the potential of chatbots.  

Are you also in retail business, get started to adopt these technologies to survive in this competitive industry.

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