On-Demand App Development: A Guide How to Plan Your Budget

19 February 2019
On-Demand App Development: A Guide How to Plan Your Budget
On-Demand App Development: A Guide How to Plan Your Budget
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The digital wheels have taken on - as the storm, and smartphones more of seems like magical instrument making our most of the desire done on just a few clicks. And thanks to on-demand services apps for making life much easier.

Well, this is the beauty of on-demand mobile apps-  they are inside your pocket and allows to perform tasks within the minutes.

Let's understand what these on-demand apps actually is?

Well, the apps build exclusively to meet the specific requirement of the user's, refers to the on-demand app. Generally, these apps are the result of technology companies emphasizing on consumer demand by rendering them with immediate goods and services.

This new trend of on-demand app-based services are constantly reshaping the living habit of urban elites offering accessibility; from the meal, deliveries to even car-washing and laundry pick-up, from chauffeur-driven vehicles to plumbers and more. All these activities can be materialized instantly on finger tap with apps. Most of these Mobile Application Development are managed by billions of dollars in funding ? for instance; the transportation startup Uber raised $5 billion. There is a multitude of specialists who are for the most part considered as self-employed entities driving the power with perfection and passion.

Here?s the insight on how the budget can be planned To Build A Successful On ? Demand Service App?

on demand investment

No, condemn - as we understand how crucial the on-demand has become and we are terribly dependent on them.

Let?s have an insight on how to build a worthy on-demand  apps

? Need to Adopt Flexibility to Provide Convenience:

Beforehand, on-demand app development, you need to tailor your services according to customers? interests. The app must provide what the users are looking for. Moreover,  the 24/7 hours support is also one of the crucial need for the business.

? Tracking Ability:

The tracking facility given to the users make allows them to avail flexibility as they know when the exact delivery time will take place or its approx timing. The end-user feel more control over the entire procedure. They find ease in seeing how much process is actually done and how much time will it actually takes to complete the service. This assures the user establishing trust.

? Real-time Communication:

The real-time communication feature like chat functioning in the on-demand service app, to provide instant communication facility. Also, it imparts easy communication with the business via the app. No doubt, it makes you as the preferred service provider. It also makes the processing faster as a whole.

? Seamless Payment Process:

Coming up with different payment options provide an effective way to deliver an excellent and rich experience to the users. Serving the customers with multiple payment options ensures flexibility, and allow users to choose from the various option.

? Technology Integration:

Besides the availability, you have to execute all the expected features for a comprehensive experience. Starting from a simple sign up form and proceeding with messaging alternatives and geo-location services, everything must accomplish the requirements of an instinctive platform.

? Make Pricing Strategy:

It's not that easy to determine the monetary value for your app, one thing required to keep in mind that the price has to be lower than the services provided. Otherwise, nobody will feel like using your app if it's expensive. Additionally, it is mandatory to consider competitors? strategy, as it?s quite obvious that you are alone in the competition.

And, accordingly get an estimation for the Cost of App Development!

The Structure Of A Typical On-demand Mobile App

? User App:

Consumer search for the solution they require, where they can see reviews, pricing and track their orders.

? Service Provider App:

A part where the organizations store their portfolios, product descriptions, and offer an interface to clients;

? Admin Panel:

It is a maintenance element - allows to group the services and providers, add a news feed, track payments, and user access, etc.

MVP For A Solid On-demand Service Application

Based on the described structure, here is the list of Must-Have features that are necessary for the on-demand service mobile app.

on demand service application

Here we are presenting the average mobile app development cost for the On-Demand service:

mobile app development cost for the On-Demand service

Real World Examples. Now, let?s discover some of the popular on-demand apps that are reshaping the digital world.


The on-demand service app was designed keeping in mind the need of going somewhere in an easy and fast way. Earlier, it used to be very difficult to find a taxi service. Uber is an easy platform for users and service provider to connect each other without hassle. The app doors opportunity for others to create transport app that solves the issue for both the customers and the service provider.

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Netflix a streaming app - offers flexibility to users to watch the shows whenever and for how long they want. This app reduces the inconvenience provided by costly cable companies. Netflix has transformed the user?s experience making the smartphone personal cinema.

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We are profoundly dependent on mobile apps in all walks of our daily lives. This is because - there is an app for everything. Some of the mobile apps have completely transformed our outlook for living.

To build an on-demand service app, it's mandatory to be unique and must be able to create a shortcut between customers and brands.

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