Why Food Delivery App like UberEats Must Have Customized Features

06 May 2019
Why Food Delivery App like UberEats Must Have Customized Features
Why Food Delivery App like UberEats Must Have Customized Features
Posted by Root Info Solutions

In order to be in pace with the rapid transformation happening in Online Food Delivery App - Your application must pose customization feature. The convenience and choice that the on-demand food delivery application provides are highly commendable. It allows consumers to order food from a wide variety of restaurants with just a click via the app.

Food Delivery Startups Trend:

With the progression of technology, people are completely dependent on mobile apps for one or the other task. From paying electricity bills to ordering grocery ? everything can be ordered with the help of mobile apps.

Food Delivery Startup Trends

(Image Courtesy: https://www.cbinsights.com/research/food-delivery-merger-acquisition-timeline/)

Remarkably, today a large population live in urban areas - running to meet the pace and consequently look for an easy way out for any task. And here food delivery apps jump in to make life easier and more comfortable.

The consumers are benefited from these apps. The sellers invest in food ordering app development to reap higher sales, making task organized in many ways like cost-cutting, online presence, and customer satisfaction.

On-demand food delivery app development companies emphasis to deliver quick service, quality food, customer relationship management, and versatility. This trend is procuring other small and startup food business to build their own market share, technology upgrade, enhance the ROI, and perpetual improvement in business.

Uber food Delivery, let's have a look on the Graph that justifies its worthiness

food delivery graph

The graph shown below presents the interest by the region for the keyword ?Uber for food delivery?. And, the most interested regions are Florida, California, Texas, and New York.

food delivery graph

Here let's explore what are the essential features that make an app like Uber for food delivery - Seamless and User-friendly

Allows Users to Easily Find Nearby Food Restaurants:

The food delivery market is getting more competitive as it has the potential to expand in a much better way. The first essential feature of an on-demand app food delivery - it must allow users to discover nearby food restaurants easily. This will enable users to make food orders without any hassle from local food restaurants. This feature is quite common, but it is imperative to make the app extremely user-friendly for the users while ordering food.

Nowadays, to ease the customer there are several customized options for ordering food online. Thus, for a food delivery startup, do not ignore to include this must-have feature. All you need to build is - a user-friendly platform where a user's can easily log in and search for their favorite dishes and order them seamlessly.

Pre Order & Re-order  Feature:

Another prominent step is to integrate pre-order and reorder favorites meals option by displaying the top five favorites.  

A startup food delivery startup must include these useful features (like pre-order and reorder the favorites)  by a few taps away.

Push Notifications:

One of the most pivotal features in an on-demand is push notifications. This feature provides the most natural way of user communication, along with gaining the users? loyalty. And to create an on-demand food delivery considering the ?push notifications? feature is important.

Let's know why?

To offer Instant Updates: The updates of ordered meals can effortlessly up-to-date users during their busy schedule with updates of food.

To Improve App Engagement & Retention Rates:  Push Notifications is a useful feature. This feature has a higher view and click-through ratios. It is also effective in bettering app engagement and retention rates. App with push notifications has 92% higher retention rates and 26% higher open rate.


Online food delivery market offers huge opportunities, therefore if you are planning your food startup this article can aid how to go through with the essential features of on-demand food delivery apps.

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