Why Flutter Can Ideally Fit iOS App Development?

30 April 2019
Why Flutter Can Ideally Fit iOS App Development?
 Why Flutter Can Ideally Fit iOS App Development?
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Today, every Mobile App Development Company looking for a unique way to develop an app that offers native user experience for Android and iOS app development platforms.

As we know, App Store always steals the limelight, thus iOS platform is the first choice ? undoubtedly the dream market of every developer and Android Platform also successfully meets the demand of the present requirement very well. Thus, here is a great need for innovative cross-platform development instead of a native iOS app development.

"When the budget and time to launch the apps are limited" it?s highly imperative for app developers to go with Cross-platform App Development solution.

The native app development requires two different teams for two distinct platforms to build apps, which in turn increase the time and the cost. Businesses need to make a worth selection while choosing technologies to delivery apps. Any ignorance can put the business at stake for the digital experience they deliver. The rich experience with the simplicity in the usage of an app makes it successful.

Market Analysis

With Flutter, the cross-platform mobile app development scenario has completely changed - the ease it offers to the development process, testing and releasing the mobiles apps are impeccable.

The big marketer in the tech industry predicts that cross-platform development to reach the new horizon in the years to come. Some experts extremely belives Flutter as the future of mobile app development. Flutter has entered in the cross-platform app development competition with a stronghold and will stay in the long term.

Flutter- Transforming the Cross-platform Development

Google's Flutter - a new game changer is winning pace in the application development market. Apps built with cross-platform framework look and feel beautiful as a native app.

Flutter can be a good option for using a cross-platform framework for iOS app development as it's a robust mobile framework. Flutter uses Google's programming language ? Dart, that has access to Skia graphics library. Flutter offers everything for iOS app development in its flutter engine itself.

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What makes Flutter look like the native app?

Generally, the app developer has to make multiple versions of the application to deliver it across various platforms. App development is a complex process and left developers tiring and stressful as the different code is written separately for each platform. Here comes Flutter incapacitates the traditional limitations of other cross-platform frameworks -  the app developer has an advantage of writing the code only once and uses it everywhere.

Flutter application development is an Ahead of Time compiled and other native app frameworks are just-in-time compiled.

Following are the great advantages offered by Flutter!

Flutter- Increases Productivity

Native application development is an indolent course, as the developers require to make every single change in the iOS app to build the app again to observe the changes in the device or simulator.

The "Hot Reload" - one of the most significant features in the Flutter. The application takes less time to reload and show and update changes in the fraction of time. Changes appear immediately in the device or the simulator. The Hot Reload method is quite speedy and smooth and also establishes a link between designers and developers. The association helps in producing genuine teamwork to flatter app development.

The Single Code Works Everywhere

Android app development is supported on separate files for front-end and back-end, however, Flutter employs a single language for front and back end and operates a reactive framework.

Robust Design Experience

Flutter has widgets that affect the Human Interface Design specifications for iOS, enabling to receive a native "feel" on iPhone and iPad as well.

Catalog of Open Source Packages

The extensive set of open source packages available supports to build high-speed apps with expertise.  Further, more packages available also benefit developers to make complex tasks easier. Although it is comparatively new, the good news is that the package library is expanding by leaps and bounds.

User Interface Factors

iOS developer requires a long time in building the user interface. The UIKit offered by iOS system extends support for printing, document, drawing, and animation. Flutter has all event-based UI as well. On the contrary, Flutter's UI owes a fast development cycle and the rapid development is due to the presence of Widgets. The widgets are utilized to generate a variety of UI.

Note: UI and layout are pixel accurate and has Cupertino support for iOS and real design widget libraries for Android.


Flutter - totally different from all other cross-platform solutions, the apps developed look native and slick like the native apps.

For iOS application development, Flutter is a good choice. It is impossible to predict the future completely, but for the time being Flutter comes as the first choice for the business and enterprise application development.

Flutter is an option for the business to develop native?ish iOS app and Android apps with the same source code and with fewer resources. As of now, there are so many cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, but, for the native app like feel, Flutter Application Development is the robust choice.

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