Is Flutter - The Success Factor Behind the Top Apps

04 December 2018
Is Flutter - The Success Factor Behind the Top Apps
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The cross-platform toolkit readily taking over the application development, winning the trust of the developer's community. This application development really owes some of the wonderful features including reusable blocks of UI, reactive performance, multiple platform code usability and etc - making it highly recommendable. And when it comes to Cross-Platform Application Development - Flutter, powered by Google is on the gaining ground. The open source development framework for building native interfaces on Android and iOS.

Flutter facilitates wrapping a webview in a native app. Apart from its native look and feel application development, there are some of the icing element that increases its popularity;

Fast Development with Hot Reloading:

With Flutter?s Hot Reload, without recompiling the app the developers can preview code changes in the emulator, simulators, or hardware for Android or iOS. This empowers developers to experiment with the code quite easily, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster.

UI Building with Built-In Widgets:

Flutter offers a number of isolated, independent, and reusable blocks of UI for application development, which enables complex app's building and comprehensive UI. Flutter also provide Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets aiming to build these UI blocks, with flexible APIs for 2D, animation, gestures, effects, and more.

No OEM Reliance:

Flutter uses neither WebView nor the OEM widgets that shipped with the device, which differentiate it from other development frameworks. Apart from this, the framework utilizes its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets.

Dart Language for Development:

App UIs with Flutter is built with Dart - a modern, terse, object-oriented language which uses a C-style syntax that can be transcompiled into JavaScript. (optionally)

Other Advantages & Disadvantages

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Flutter expedites cross-platform Native Application Development with complete satisfaction without or very little compromise. The framework is entrusted by startups as well as established brands for app development. Here, we have listed innovative apps built using Flutter;

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The app built using flutter is a wholesale marketplace targetted for global trade. app concedes users to buy merchandises from suppliers around the world, all from the comfort of a mobile app.

Google Ads:

The Google Ads app facilitates users to observe campaign stats on Android smartphone. It showcases operations specifications like real-time alerts and information (notifications) allowing Google calling.  

Reflectly (Lifestyle):

A journal and mindfulness app - Reflectly - inspired by Artificial Intelligence built using Flutter. It allows users to build stories in the personal journal, offers a unique set of questions every day, unhitches superior statistics and personal, actionable insights and etc. The beauty of the applies to the fact that all wrapped into a beautiful interface.

Hamilton Musical:

Hamilton - the official app of the hit Broadway musical, is developed using Flutter mobile app SDK and highly praised. The app offers daily lotteries, latest news, a trivia game, a merchandise store, and furthermore. The app aimed at extending the user experience and let them enjoy the show.


The AppTree proposes a platform for brands like Stanford, McDonald's, & Fermilab to execute business.  It let them use common business app functions such as data gathering, inspections, labor insertion, audits, and workflow with present enterprise software data.


NOW Live is Tencent?s video streaming service - holding tens of millions of MAU. The app is built on Flutter SDK,  and allow the user to come across many people and continue a conversation of choice.

Furthermore, in order to add more fun to it, the user can avail benefits like online games, outdoor activities, celebrity videos, and much more.

JD Finance:

JD Finance -  a leading digital technology company.  The is developed using  Flutter framework and covers various services like fintech, digital enterprise, and urban computing.

This app helps to maintain the cryptocurrency venture portfolio. Bitfolio is crafted to accomplish investments and track the cryptocoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Also, it enables the user with the newest coin prices and market charts for smart investment in crypto.

Hookle (Social):

Hookle is a social networking app built using Flutter. It that allows its users to share posts, monitor social activity, and manage multiple social media accounts in one place. Hookle facilitates composing and publishing posts to multiple social media channels, monitor activities across all channels at a glance, customize posts per social media channel, and more

Future Prospects:

Flutter just got into the app development industry and already started to set its popularity offering numeeous.No Doubt, the future seems to be bright for Flutter. Initially, Google also launched Flutter Beta 3 with additional exciting features and functions, making it even more powerful and robust than the previous version.

As we know, Flutter has a lot of potentials to offer in the respective mobile app development industry which is strengthing quality and productivity concurrently. Soon, it is expected to take over the app development world.

However, Flutter is still in the development phase, which might be a risk. Google does not delay in launching a stable version of the framework, so there's no minus in implementing this framework. For more information on Flutter - check the official website.


In this blog, we have come across the perks of flutter and how this potential Mobile App Development adds successful execution to the apps.  It is compatible with mobile app development irrespective to any scale, idea, category and content type.

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