Explore: Why To Go With Cloud Mobile Apps In 2019

12 February 2019
Explore: Why To Go With Cloud Mobile Apps In 2019
Why To Go With Cloud Mobile Apps In 2019
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Cloud Mobile Apps - turns out to be basic necessities for every enterprise.

Today, organizations opt cloud-based solutions or simply prefers cloud-based applications.

The source from Forbes - it is expected that - "By the end of 2020, more than  80 percent of total enterprises will opt the cloud"

At present, storing data is classified as priorities. Last two decades owes to mobile and computer era, and whether it's a small or large-scale business - the foremost concern thrives on data making it easily accessible storage at an affordable cost.

The integration of cloud mobile and web solutions is gradual but the power of cloud computing is significant for both online and offline. There are multiple benefits to choosing cloud-based applications including Easy Management, Distribution, and Integration.

Talking about security concern, cloud mobile apps are more secure than other solutions like native applications. Apart from rendering agility and security - the cloud solutions prove as an effective process for controlling Shadow IT.

This article aims to draw attention to why switching to cloud-based mobile apps can be a significant transformation for 2019

Reasons Your Business should Take On Cloud Mobile Apps:

Seamless Database Integration:

Seamless database integration - one of the basic feature requirement for every business that makes cloud mobile applications an ideal option to go within the following year. In order to run a business process smoothly accomplishing database, integration is quite vital

To import all of the database information, it is necessary to connect with the app which is a time-consuming process and with the help of cloud-based Mobile App Development, data integration becomes easier. The data whatever is available can be synced with the cloud server. That's why cloud app developers do not have to write complex codes to integrate databases when creating a cloud application. 

Helps In Efficient Time Management

Time is equivalent to money, and especially in the case of cloud-based mobile app development.

Be realistic with mobile application development timeline - and this entirely depends on the type of app that is being created.  Unlike, cloud mobile app development - the process of native app development is lengthy and tiresome for the developers.

For instance; adding specific features in the app like complex functionalities, then the overall app development process with cloud computing services takes approximately six to ten months to complete.

Moreover, cloud mobile apps also take more than years to develop a complete app to be able to get featured in app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play store.

cloud app

Budget Friendly:

Cost factor- another crucial element that motivates entrepreneurs to go with mobile cloud apps. By opting for cloud computing applications developers can save money.  Well, the cost of developing a mobile application depends on the features that are integrated.

budget friendly

No Bound to Stick with One Platform:

With the cloud computing, the user doesn't have to opt specified platforms like Android or iOS - the apps can be launched on both platforms simultaneously on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Thus,  the additional amount of work gets reduced and making the task easier to implement while exposing the mobile app to a much wider user base.

one platform

Easy Data Recovery:

Everything is being stored on a local server similar to the case of native apps, what happens in case the server gets damaged or destroyed? Well, the solution for this type of case is the cloud hosting app - this means that everything is stored on multiple servers and data backed up also done efficiently.

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Secure Data Storage:

The Security risks are eliminated when the valuable data is stored in the cloud. The chance of information loss from the cloud is much less. Furthermore, cloud mobile computing solutions are a great option for security risk.  With cloud platforms, we can achieve guaranteed data security as they are bound to protect the valuable information of companies without any compromise, following the advanced GDPR standards.

secure data storage

Have a look on above image: Survey reveals that about 70 percent of the total population of adults in the United States claim concern about missing their money or getting the identity stolen as their payment mode is not secure.

cloud base application development

Other Benefits:


The cloud-based development solutions extend scalability both ways on demand. Remarkably - it is convenient for the business with fewer resources for hardware and software.

Rapid Deployment:

The cloud services favors both the development and deployment faster. The Web app developers do not require extra time installing hardware and software to build the app.

Backup is not Required:

Maintaining the backup of the Web and mobile applications is no more hassle with cloud services.

High-end Software:

The cloud services are regularly upgraded to achieve better solutions faster.

Track Services:

It allows to track different services that are being used while working with cloud computing platforms, thus there is a transparency about resource spent on a particular app feature.

Remote Access:

Availability of remote admittance worldwide for all of the cloud-based app development teams.


The above-mentioned benefits clearly show how the Mobile cloud solutions and cloud-based services are best for app developers and entrepreneurs who are looking for an alternative for App Development Company.  In today's era security is one of the most important concern area - which is easily achieved by mobile cloud computing and at the same time, are cost-efficient.

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