How a Mobile App Development Company Helps Businesses Strategically

06 November 2017
How a Mobile App Development Company Helps Businesses Strategically
Mobile App Development Company
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Thought of a business or process without technology investment is next to impossible. But this technology ownership comes with a subtle cost. You pay for procuring hardware and software assets, incur significant investment in their deployment, integration, and customization and, when the setup is ready there comes after-purchase cost that goes into keeping the assets updated, upgraded, optimized and relevant with the growing business demands. So, the TCO eats up a major chunk of the business revenue.

Thankfully, partnering with a mobile app development company, you can cut down the TCO significantly and have a competitive edge too. Here is how.

1. You are under no obligation to pay any recurring amount

You need to pay to an Android or iOS app development company on a per-project or per-task basis. Obviously, this is much better and cost-efficient than hiring a team of full-time mobile app developers, designers or quality analysts, whom you would be required to pay on a monthly basis.  You are likely to get flexible client-engagement models from the vendor. Hence, you can cope with varying project requirements cost-efficiently. 

2. You gain access to skilled and experienced workforce

With iOS and Android app development experience and expertise coming to your side, there is little doubt about the success of your digital strategy. This is the greatest advantage. Quality business apps help you add agility to your business process, operate efficiently, save time, cut business overheads, and boost revenue. Interestingly, these attributes are to add value to the customer experience. 

3. You succeed cutting Time-to-Market

In the fast-paced economy, to gain a competitive edge, you need to get your app built and released to users at your earliest. So, you can?t take a hit on TTM. Fortunately, most of the leading technology companies follow Agile methodology for mobile app development, which means a hassle-free collaboration and communication amidst the constituent members including you.

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4. You succeed cutting operational expense

Well-planned adoption of mobility solutions helps with automating the business process, improving collaboration and decision making, and curtailing the duration of goal completion. This has a significant impact not only on the operational expense but also on employee-satisfaction, delivery services and, eventually on brand awareness and customer acquisition. 

Let?s take into consideration a workforce and productivity management app, CP Jobsite, that we created for a painting services provider. The app helps with attendance making, progress tracking and quality monitoring. 

5. You gain business intelligence (BI)

Ask your technology partner to integrate your mobile app with a suitable analytics tool like Mixpanel, Google Mobile Analytics, Flurry, or any other, and you are likely to have access to a world of data. You can learn how users are running your app, engaging with it, where are they getting obstructed, and what they do, and much more. This will help you understand the interests and expectation of users and interpret the economy precisely. 

6. You can get speedy resolution against bugs and defects

Technology is cool, it helps accomplish a complex job in a quick and easy manner, but it?s not 100% immune to bugs and defects. To make sure your users have an uninterrupted and smooth experience with your app, you have to keep a watch on emerging bugs and defects. Sometimes, a minor operating system update can stem up compatibility issue that might spoil the user experience. 

Keeping this in mind, it?s a wise take to take support from the mobile app development company that has built the product for you. AS they understand the making of it, you can expect a speedy resolution to your app issues. 

The Bottom Line

In a mobile-first world, it becomes a must that businesses focus on offering an elevated digital experience to mobile users. However, acquiring, nurturing and retaining talent is a costly proposition, which most of the enterprises and small and medium businesses can?t afford.

Apart from the cost factor, managing an in-house team is a challenge in itself. In the wake of all this, it?s better to get technology development, deployment, optimization, and maintenance done by some external mobile app development company.

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