The Roadmap To Build Language Learning App like Duolingo

16 November 2018
The Roadmap To Build Language Learning App like Duolingo
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Language Learning App is becoming popular in the new generations of mobile phones as they are now extremely advanced. Further, it enables to handle complex applications and multimedia.

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For Instance; With over 200 million users - Duolingo is top language-learning apps because of its effective curriculum, clean design, and appealing gamification. The app has been able to stay dominant on the market. We have studied the Duolingo's success factors, found its drawbacks and estimated an MVP for a similar app. Read the article to learn more.

When Duolingo first saw the world, global mobile education market volume was at 3.4 billion US dollars annually. It was a promising industry, and its volume has grown more than 4.5x times by 2017 to $16.2 billion. According to, these numbers will reach 37.8 billion by 2020.

One of the most popular examples of learning a language with chatbots is none other than Duolingo ? a Pittsburgh based language learning app startup, which is a free language learning platform. It also crowdsources translations. With receiving Apple?s app of the year 2013 and Google Play for 2014, Duolingo has earned a gigantic amount of user. The success has provoked many startups to think how to create an app like Duolingo for the industry.

What made this App favorite among the User:

? Appealing design
? Socialization
? AI-driven tutors
? Effectiveness
? Support of multiple platforms
? Gamification

Well, we see how education apps are gaining the momentum of the mobile app industry. Thus it's quite necessary to understand what are the essential feature to integrate into the language learning app to hit the large customer base.

Designing - UI/UX:

Suppose you create a language learning app with months of efforts, hard work and brainstorming ? not to miss the time and money investment. But you cared less about the user interaction and experience. The app you create is messy ? overloaded with information here and there. You left your user wondering what to do next!

This will cause your users to abandon

Thus, it?s highly important that you keep your language learning app pleasant, clean and convenient to use. And that calls for a user-friendly and minimalistic design. The design should create a clear roadmap to use the app. Whether it?s the navigation menu, course module or a game, give special importance to the UI and UX both.

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Social Aspects:

Users are able to found or join a social club to communicate and compete with friends, family members or other social groups. Different customized features are available here as well - choosing the emblem and the name of the club, for instance.

In our view, it wouldn?t hurt to link the app with social networks to brag about the success in studying languages. This function is omitted in Duolingo.

Push Notifications:

If an app reminds the important things like the course to complete if the user abandons the app for a day or two, the user won't go. It contributes to the motivation sector of an app by reminding users how negligent they are, it is an important aspect.

Offline Mode:

Duolingo doesn?t require a stable Internet connection from the user at all times. One is able to complete the courses even in a military bunker if the set of exercises is pre-downloaded. The function is very handy for those who spend many hours in the Wi-Fi-less subway or elsewhere without an Internet connection and with a smartphone in their hands.

In-Built Feedback Form:

Duolingo developers react to the feedback from their more than 200 million user audience rapidly. They gather it via Reddit and some other places on the Internet. They also have a form within the app for people to leave their comments.

This is a useful feature for those who are planning to gather feedback

AI-Driven Tutors:

You can ?communicate? with bots in the iOS version of an app. Chatbots can maintain a conversation for you to practice your speaking skills. It seems like a great way to improve the ability to chat with real people by practicing on the machines.

For now, the function of communicating with bots is being relaunched and they are not available at the moment.

Support of Multiple Platforms:

It is available on the Web, desktop, iOS, Android and even Windows Phone.


Undoubtedly, there will be many more things to note when you think of how to create an app like Duolingo. Hence, you need to finalize features, set the UX, think of cost and lot more. When your fundamentals are clear it will help you get started with your language learning app idea.

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