Social Media App Development Using Flutter

19 July 2018
Social Media App Development Using Flutter
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The buzz of cross platform development is revolutionized with advancing technology. Referred in context to Google?s, latest SDK - Flutter- is a mobile UI framework - used to build beautiful and dynamic apps at a quick pace. Available for both Android and iOS, Flutter development framework allows mobile app developers to quickly design UI without hassle.

Why ?Flutter? over other App Development framework ?

Flutter has surpassed the popularity of many app development frameworks like React Native which has backed a influencing response by developers with its amazing features.

? Easy to Learn:

Similar to Java, the developers can use Dart language to make cross-platform apps using Flutter. This allows faster as well as customization development process.

? Customization options:

The demand for Custom app cannot be overlooked. Flutter offers extensive widget library, debug, testing and hot reload capabilities, that increases the flexibility for app customization.

? Excellent UI:

The smart generation focus on UIs. And with Flutter designers can create impressive UIs, luring users using the Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets.

? Increase Speed:

Increased run time on app is one of crucial concern, and with Flutter apps run as fast as 60 FPS, also allows easier  documentation process making development process moves faster.

Why Social Media App Development Using Flutter

We understand,  the niche of social media holds a promising markets, from a business perspective. Although, this is a densely competitive market with dominant players, however, the rapid development of technology and top notch  Social Media App Development Company renders new opportunities for the realization of new ideas.

For the successful social media app development,, it?s highly prerequisite to understand which technology, framework and language with support the kind of app you are looking. Further, when it comes to costing, you should keep in mind that most of the time and cost are related to the backend.

As the Flutter App Development process for Social networks is exclusively designed for easy learn and make development faster, social media startups are eyeing on the Google?s SDK. Moreover,  the compatibility to integrate with other language is advantage for the developer.

Apart from this Flutter's compatibility feature - "interlope" with respective mobile platforms default programming language. Flutter can integrate with the java or kotlin code on Android or Objective. And C++ code on iOS.

Performance Of App Is Increased

If we compare flutter with other platform, it withstand standard performance. It does not rely on webview to display apps or has java-script to run code or bridge link.
For instance; during development, all the code can be converted into C++ which maintains to run with native level performance on both Android or iOS. This is possible with the portable C++ engines available in Flutter.

New Version Flutter: Flutter Beta 3

As far technology is considered, transformation is the great demand of advancing time in this technological era.  Considering the need for enhancement in the feature Flutter has been updated with Flutter Beta 3 version - which has been released recently to meet the core requirement.

? With the Dart 2 language enabled Flutter beta 3 focuses on client development. It enables a terser syntax for building Flutter UIs.

? Flutter will now support localization including right-to-left languages and for building highly-accessible applications.

? It will also support for integrating ads through Firebase. Visual Studio Code is now available as a dedicated Flutter extension.

? Flutter Beta 3 has a new first-class toolkit for Material Theme that will provide even more support for Material Design.

? Google is working to improve Flutter compatibility to include a broad range of device types, including older 32-bit size devices.

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Benefits at Glimpse:

? Enhanced standards in cross-platform development projects
? Excellent UI experience
? Developer friendly in terms of tools and features like hot reload
? Better Compatibility
? Contains inbuilt customizable and beautiful widgets

Some Of The Most Popular Apps Developed Using Flutter

WIth the bang of beta 1 version, hundreds of app were developed using Flutter and deployed to the app stores, ranging from wide variety of categories.

Hamilton Music App:

The has been built in 3 months treasuring 1 million+ downloads so far.


The app incorporates Flutter to power specific parts of their app.


For big brands like McDonalds, Stanford, Wayfair & Fermilab, AppTree is provide a low-code enterprise app platform .

Google AdWords:

Built using Flutter, the app helps you keep your ad campaigns running smoothly.


Built with the aim to collects information based on nearby activities in one place, including concerts to hiking and tourist attractions.


On time delivery with dynamic development  is a success key factor for a Mobile App Development Company, while delivering the apps. Adopting Flutter,  the development time is reduced which eventually reduce the costing for the client.

At Root Info Solution, our Development team are enthusiastic to explore and experiment with technology like Flutter to find the best use cases.

Flutter offers a very flattering usage, making it very useful and easy to use for the developers. Flutter has a promising future and will be used in large scale for the upcoming projects.

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