Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento 2 e-Commerce Development

25 March 2016
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento 2 e-Commerce Development
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Posted by Root Info Solutions

Globally, the worth of e-Commerce transactions happening on  Magento websites has reached to the tune of $50 billion. With Shekhar Juneja, Co-Founder, Root Info Solutions, explore top 10 reasons that pushed Magento e-Commerce solution to a new high of success.

Almost 30% of the world's e-Commerce websites are built on the Magento framework. Its major chunk is shared by Magento Community Edition (25.3%). Magento Enterprise Edition supports 4.5% of the platforms.  The popularity of a technology framework depends on various factors, some favoring  businesses, some developers, while some to end-users. But Magento 2, the latest edition has got everything for everyone. Let's take a stroll through Magento 2 e-Commerce benefits.

Consumer-Centric Features and Benefits

1) Personalized Content

Businesses can showcase products/services, promotions, and pricing based on prospects or consumers' preference, behavior, or past purchase history.

2) Layered Search And Navigation

Consumers can find products/services that they need in a quick and easy manner through powerful and precise filtering and navigation options.

3) Streamlined Checkout

Magento 2 e-Commerce website eliminates the hassles of the checkout process and helps in curtailing cart abandonment rate. Let consumers spend more times on exploring products and less time on making payments.

Business-Centric Features and Benefits

4) Easy-To-Use Admin

The Admin panel houses powerful tools to let businesses manage and automate order, sales content, customer shipping, inventory, etc. Feedbacks and Google reporting tools can help with better customer-experience management.

5) Product Optimization

Magento 2 e-Commerce features drag-and-drop visual merchandising capability to help with product optimization. Without taking refuge of any SEO services provider, businesses can optimize site URLs, page titles, meta and ALT tags, headings, and other website elements to get their products visible on search and social media.

6) Reporting & Analytics

With the built-in support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, businesses can keep a tab on the performance of their e-Commerce websites. They can identify and fix impediments linked with the Internet visibility, website traffic, and user-engagement.

7) Multiple Languages & Currencies

With a reliable Magento 2 e-Commerce website development solution, businesses can extend their market reach to any territories irrespective of the barriers involving disparity in terms of language, currency, or tax calculation.

8) Cross-Platform Reach

Businesses can reach out to consumers across multiple devices and provide them with a uniform experience. Helping them review products/services on one, adding them to cart on the next, and then making payments on a different device.

Developer-Centric Features and Benefits

9)  Open Source

Leveraging Magento Templates, Add-ons, Magento Modules and Widgets along with expert support, training, and consulting services made available by an ever growing community of Magento 2 developers, anyone can champion the skills and expertise of building a user-centric website.

10) Easy Integration

Building a centralized repository of  business and customers data becomes easier with Magento 2 e-Commerce website development, as the framework facilitates quick and easy integration.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Want to seem them work for your business? Connect with us and get free e-Commerce development consultation from Root Info Solutions.

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