Top 5 Advantages Choosing Cross-Platform App Development

10 April 2018
Top 5 Advantages Choosing Cross-Platform App Development
Top 5 Advantages Choosing Cross-Platform App Development
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Well, what comes to your mind, when we talk about cross-platform application development. Ideally, cross-platform apps development uses single code base but owe capability to multiple operating systems.  In the last few years, we can witness great demand for cross-platform mobile app development. With this platform once the developers have written the code, it can be used across all platforms ? Android, iOS or Windows.

The two types of cross-platform apps are 1)Native and 2)Hybrid HTML. Over time the cross-platform app development has evolved and posed the high potential to tap the greater market.  Here, let?s discuss some advantages of developing Cross Platform apps development.


It is inexpensive to build cross-platform apps without compromising the quality of the app. Even the maintenance requires less effort and budget. As the cross-platform application has UI elements, which means it is specific for each platform, additionally a common codebase that has the app?s general business logic. Hence, you can easily debug while developing a cross-platform app. Also, the Unit tests are written once for the common code, saving time and resources required for testing. 

Code Reusable

Your development task is simplified with the cross-platform as it has the tendency to maintain and deploy codes effortlessly by eliminating the repetitive tasks. Moreover, you don't need to write new code for any task you can reuse the codes available for the other platforms.

Easy Deployment

This framework has a variety of modules and extension that get easily integrated with other tools. This helps to improve the functionality and looks of the app. Also, this allows to deploy and maintain codes easily and rapidly for the apps to run on all platforms. Moreover, the latest update is easily synced with the apps across the devices and platforms.


As we know, User Experience (UX) one of the essential element in app development process. The single codebase is used for developing a cross-platform app allowing to have same consistency for each platform. Thus, it maintains the overall look and feel of the app on all platforms.

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Easier Implementation

Today, we have the wide range of technologies, like PhoneGap and Appcelerator, that offers a cross-platform solution enabling developers to make any type of changes that too easily without much extra effort. For example, when we use Appcelerator, then the codes are easily written in HTML5 and can be used to convert it to different platforms. It means it is quite easy to implement and translate the codes for different platform. 
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