What Makes iOS Swift Perfect for Enterprise App Development

20 November 2017
What Makes iOS Swift Perfect for Enterprise App Development
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Today enterprises don?t just need a mobile presence but also an efficient mobile-led business model with a bid to keep their dispersed workforce connected and productive and customers happy and loyal. Consequently, they need high-end mobile app development services.

Undeniably, iPhone and iPad are crucial mobile platforms. And, hence, you are left with no reasons to keep them out of your mobility solution.

Whether you own an enterprise, or are considering to pursue your  entrepreneurship ambition, you can't do without iOS app development. In the latest issue, let's see what makes Swift, the latest official programming language by Apple, as the right choice to code your enterprise application with it.

Before you unveil as what makes iOS Swift the most appropriate programming language for coding enterprise applications, it's imperative to learn a bit about the popularity of iOS Swift.

A bit About iOS Swift

Though as a programming language Swift is much younger than its counterparts (released in 2014), it has roped in more mobile application developers than any other programming language has done in the same period. According to the November 2017 TIOBE Programming Community index, Swift is the twentieth favorite programming language based on the community size, availability of courses and third-party vendors offering iOS Swift app development. Though Objective-C managed to maintain one position higher than Swift, considering their popularity variation (-0.83 Vs. -0.65) it's clear that Swift will steer clear the competition and rein the iOS app development discipline.

According to an estimate by Evans Data Corporation (https://evansdata.com/press/viewRelease.php?pressID=244), there are 12 million mobile app developers in the world, and of them, 2.8 million developers are occupied with iPad or iPhone app development.

Whether you already own an enterprise or considering to pursue you entrepreneurship ambition, here is why you should go with iOS app development based on Swift, the latest official programming language by Apple.

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1. Swift Speeds up App Development

Swift comes with a highly simplified syntax structure that makes it easier for developers to learn and implement it. The simplicity also reduces the probability of errors. Experts believe that anyone having a sound knowledge of C++ can learn how to code an application with Swift programming language.

Introducing support for open source dynamic libraries in Swift, Apple further boosts the development process. Including ready-to-use elements from third-party libraries, iOS developers can work faster and cope with the accelerating demand for enterprise app development. It also helps with reducing the file size.

2. Swift Helps with Building High-Performance Apps

Swift requires low memory that makes it suitable for enterprises that utilize a cloud infrastructure. Low memory consumption translates into faster accessibility to enterprise data and enhanced performance, which are critical for its workforce.

Tech giants like IBM even approve of this attribute of Swift, and consider it ideal for server-side programming. Besides, structured programming and exception handling capability, multithreading and compatibility with other languages also contribute to the performance of the built app.

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3. Swift Favors Faster App Maintenance

The complexity that existed with the maintenance of apps built with Objective-C is now a thing of past. Earlier with Objective-C, it was mandatory for a developer to have the programming skills of C. That dependency has been discarded with Swift. Hence, developers got freedom from the tedious task of maintaining two code files. Thus, Swift developers can spend time on improving the quality of their code and features.

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