Why Drupal Commerce for your online store?

28 May 2018
Why Drupal Commerce for your online store?
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Posted by Root Info Solutions

For any website, the most crucial thing considered is design and responsiveness. And, when it comes to the e-commerce store, accomplishing these two considered more than necessity. Well, these two factors fully rely on the content management system, the theme, and related elements.

Are you planning to run an e-commerce store with Drupal Commerce? But, do you really understand why it?s useful for your online store?

If you already know,  the way to success is open. Drupal is a powerful content management system, best to offer responsive and flexible to any online store. With inspirational and good ideas will lead a way toward building an attractive store.

Here?s a list of benefits when you opt Drupal Commerce to build an Online store using a creative process;

Requires Less Development Time:

The development involves less time compared to a two-platform system. The custom integration between two separate systems does not require extra effort in either development or maintenance.

Offer Easy Maintenance:

With Drupal Commerce site, the product management is easier, the one set of tools allows flexibility and highly configurable.  Moreover,  the maintenance team can easily learn one set of tool.  

Website built Are SEO-friendly:

Drupal Commerce, makes it easy to control website activities like SEO, CRO and website analytics.  You have to work with one system only. This makes the customer journey much optimized, easier to keep track.

Convert Potential Visitors Into Customers:

Reporting and analytics tools available in the Drupal e-commerce allow you to view the total number of visitors falling on the website, customer conversion rate, and statistics relating to order value and frequency.

Provide Functionality Control:

The granular user and role management in Drupal allow controlling access to functionality within both the CMS and the online store. Moreover, it can control the features available to your customers.

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Interesting features:

Drupal offers interesting and powerful community features, allowing to engage deeply with your customers. And this help in driving repeated sales and valuable customer for long.

Safe and Secure E-commerce System:

With Drupal Commerce, your e-commerce system can have regular updates. This is an important step to make the system and secure against any type of threats.


Drupal Commerce is available for free use. If we talk about, Magento and WordPress communities, the developer need to pay for the "premium" plugins or modules.  Do not doubt it supports, Drupal community one of the best.

Customization Option

The customization option makes Drupal Commerce different from other store e-commerce tool. This means storekeeper can customize according to their business needs, which is not possible in another e-commerce system like SaaS systems.


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