5 Awesome Example Of Internet Of Things Application

26 March 2018
5 Awesome Example Of Internet Of Things Application
Example Of Internet Of Things Application
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From a couple of years, IoT has created buzz worldwide and is considered second major digital revolution.  This new technology wave is going beyond smartphones, offering innovation that has made life more simplified and comfortable with the advanced level of connectivity. The future of connected cars, smart homes, connected wearables, smart cities and connected healthcare has become reality.  Moreover, the growth of IoT is drastically changing how consumers interact with their cars, homes, and appliances. 

What Number Reveals?  

  • Moreover, Gartner report reveals that by 2020 connected devices across all technologies will reach to approx 24 billion. 
  • $6 trillion invested over the next 5 years.
  • $13 trillion in ROI generated by 2025.

When we take into account, the machine-learning, machine-to-machine communication or artificial intelligence, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) leverages this innovative technology for industrial concerns to improves efficiency and productivity. Indeed, IoT unfolds huge potential in connected devices. 

In this article, let?s explore how IoT has taken over the important segment of our life. Here are some of the examples;

1. Smart Home

Smart Home comes on the Google top search when it comes to IoT associated feature. Well, before proceeding in the details lets understand what this smart Home is?

What if you have the option to switch on the air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even when you forget and have left home? Are you surprised to hear this, then don't be! IoT application development company will come up with more such surprises i.e. IoT products that make life simpler and convenient.

Soon, Smart homes will become a common concept for adoption as the smart home products will help to save time, energy and money. 

2. Wearables

Wearables are highly demanded in markets all over the world. Many giant companies are investing heavily in building such devices. Let?s understand, how wearable work?

Sensors and software are installed in wearable devices, and the sensors collect specific data and information about the users. Later, the data is pre-processed to process behavior of the user. These devices are doing wonderful job in fitness, health, and entertainment. 

3. Connected Cars

With IoT, companies are looking to enhance the in-car experience.The automotive digital technology is focused towards vehicle optimization which can help to collect internal function information. With the connected car, it becomes simple to optimize operation and maintain comfort using onboard sensors and proper connectivity via the internet.

Most of the automakers and startups are working on connected car solutions leveraging IoT technology, which can bring in an advanced level experience.

4. Agriculture

Today, IoT solutions have given out huge prospect for agriculture. With the great revolution of IoT, there are many innovative products launched that geared toward the benefit of farmers. Using the distributed network of smart sensors, now it has become easy to control and manage various natural conditions, such as humidity, the temperature for air, and quality of the soil. Moreover, automated irrigation systems are the best way to water the farm-filed.

5. Logistics

In the coming time, IoT will be greatly used in freight, fleet management, and shipping. The smart BLE tags leveled with the parcels provide real-time information about the transported items, as it can track location, speed, and storage conditions. Moreover, smart sensors and Location Trackers in most of the logistics companies can be paired with a powerful cloud-based dashboard, which will provide authentic and real-time monitoring of location as well as temperature.  
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