How Can IoT and Live Streaming be the Nexus for Education

20 September 2018
How Can IoT and Live Streaming be the Nexus for Education
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Being the buzz topic, Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved in a countless ways from the last couple of years and expected to transform with the change in digital environment.

When we talk about live streaming, it has been for some time now, making the trend in industries like sports and medicine. Also, the education sector, not left behind and is endeavoring to embody live streaming into their techniques. It provides a coupled and effective concepts of teaching and learning.

We have reached at such an advanced time where devices can connect with each other, and the credit is completely owed by the Internet of Things. Every sector is adapting the technology of IoT to make genuine results, and the education sector is also seeking for the same.

In this blog, let's talk about the benefits of both live streaming and IoT in the education sector.  

Evolving Methods for Teaching:

The classroom-style teaching is in practice for a long period of time. Sometimes, the student can feel boring. There is the drawback of this learning, as it is not sufficient to retain itself in the minds of the students for more than two months!

No doubt, the practical learning always has a greater impact on learning. And, with the live streaming methodology of teaching, there is more chance that the knowledge will retain for a longer time.

Performance Analysis:

Teaching is more of a two-way process, where every administration wants to be able to assess the student?s performance and evaluate them. With the live streaming, they are able to provide and give the comprehensive space to the necessities of the students.

This helps in providing a better learning environment for the students with enhanced and interactive teaching experience.


Today, studying has become very expensive in every sense. Even on an average, factor in all the costs of academics is somewhere around $150. Further, it's not even including of all the books and transportation costs.

With live streaming, the internet connection or the electricity charges would be the maximum cost, which cheap compared to the cost of traditional learning.

Enhanced Digital Interactivity:

Now, the mainstream learning techniques do not mandate teacher and student to be in front of each other. With the help of apps like Vedantu, the teacher and student have access to interact online.

This also benefits both the students and teachers in having a productive and diverse vulnerability since this digital learning can take place anywhere and anytime across the globe.

Also, live streaming has eliminated the barrier that students and teachers had for interaction.  Today, the digital exposure allows them to interact with experts in their field from all around the globe.

Inducing Enthusiasts:

With the advent of Live Streaming, collaboration is much easier. It has reduced the issue like the geographical barrier i.e. location of a person completely.

For instance, suppose students have to complete a project together, and they are away. In such a scenario, their physical proximity is no more necessary. With live streaming, connecting with each other becomes  easy with online mediums. Taking over the complete task at hand.

Similarly, parents and teachers can interact connect without having to miss out on any interaction or session based on distance issues!

High Hiring Rate:

Because of living streaming, the whole dimension of hiring is changing.

For instance; We go to school, get higher education and after its completion, get a job. Live streaming is transforming the spectrum of the current scenario. The facility is getting denser, and as we can access the world so as the world has so much access to us. It is clear evidence that scenarios are evolving at a much higher pace.

The trend is changing, so as the fixed time hiring.  When a person is good at something and diligent, chances are someone watching them can hire! And of course, when we talk about the future of the education sector,  live streaming is playing a crucial role in reducing unemployment rates.

Flexible Learning Opportunities:

Live streaming apps doors in huge opportunities in terms of learning. Students get proper exposure easily in every field, and this can enhance their skill set. Further, it allows them to keep in touch with the developing aspects of current trends in education.


Amongst other things, retention rate with mobile learning is quite high. On an average, most of the people have mobile access at all times. This allows students to have access to live streaming, anytime and anywhere they require.

Considering the requirement, many Mobile App Development companies are respectively utilizing this demand and implement the live streaming option in mobiles.

Along with providing alternative solutions to educational issues, IoT development companies are aiming to maintain the quality with the positive impact on education

Here are a few points to justify the significance of the Internet of Things in the education sector

? IoT has succeeded to reduce the gap between theoretical and practical learning for the student.  

? For instance, in the case, the teacher is looking to describe weather patterns, then by obtaining weather data from the real-time, they can deliver the real explanation.

? Further, the technologies like smart boards, Quick Response codes, digital highlighters and etc, are improving its standard completely into the education sector. They are establishing a more pleasant education than the traditional learning techniques.

Today, most of the institutions practising advanced technology, i.e. using IoT attendance of students are being monitored. The  wearables are used so that their whereabouts can be known within the campus.

Thus, the real-time information can be monitored using IoT connected devices, which allows to helps in keeping a track of any maintenance required.


Live streaming in education holds a lot of benefits. However, there's still time to reach and fetch the full-fledged use of live streaming.

The benefits and meaningful learning that live streaming apps & IoT together provide have a great impact over the education sector and welcomes a bright future!

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