IoT Impact on Revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate Industry

23 November 2018
IoT Impact on Revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate Industry
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Technology has started entering the complexity involved in the commercial real estate which was confined to basics only, bringing about great changes and further continues to evolve at a phenomenal pace.

As per Gartner, " Smart commercial buildings will utilize more Internet of Things (IoT) until 2017, hence after smart homes lead with just over one billion connected things in 2018.

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The innovation in IoT is constantly hastening the growth of smart Real Estate Website Development space with the advancement of devices and sensors to obtain data. This is the reason why IoT solutions provider companies are modifying the way commercial Real Estate functions, making it easy for tenants and building owners to manage various operations like searching property, listing property, buying property, selling the property, analyzing the property and giving the 3D image of the property. Thus, it allows commercial real estate providers to create difference acquiring smart solutions.

Today, intelligent building solutions are now used as tools to improve specific facility systems ? HVAC, flash, and physical security by making use of connected devices. Once the devices are attached, the next step involves accumulating data and interpreting it to be related visually. Thus intelligent building technologies enhanced the operations of equipment and manifested value by increased energy performance, decreasing support and utilization costs and improving the tenants? content.

Enduring the transformation, the center stirred to build and design intelligent buildings to enhance productivity and deploy the latest technology.

Great Control

The value of a commercial property is influenced by several factors, such as location, size, design, and type of building material. Significantly, the fixtures and fittings in a commercial building add up to its value. However, by leveraging IoT in commercial property, building owners find a considerable increase in the property?s value. This accretion in rate is a purpose of enhanced control over the property.

IOT concedes communication within all the devices and people in a commercial building - the building managers have more control over their building. They can use the IOT to establish in place significant levels at which alerts could be issued, prompting preemptive actions; Or automated actions are taken (like shorting down the building?s energy grid in case of a threatening power interruption) to check the occurrence of a given uncertainty. A building with such facilities no doubt will have a higher value than a related building without such a smart innovation.

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Enhances Experience

Security - one of the major concern. And by running a smart commercial property with the Internet of Things, enhances the experience of the occupants. Thus, the occupants can naturally correlate this enhancement with a security value, leading commercial building owners and administrators to charge more per square foot in comparison to the counterpart.

IoT-enabled Building Management System (BMS)

The BMS or Building Management system hit the commercial property as the hottest piece of innovative tech, as it enabled to manage occupants, services, and bills.

However, having a few limitations, it could forecast, whether the level in a pipe was high to make it crack, which can help in making arrangement earlier. The integration of IoT into commercial properties, building managers receive more accurate building analytics. This can be accomplished through the installation of sensors and actuators into significant building operations such as power grids and stress points in the buildings.

It automatically adds to the value of the commercial property as the commercial property managers incite cost in the possession and installation of these devices.

Getting all of these sensors, actuators, and systems to work together renders building managers with critical information, which benefit invaluably in portfolio management and projecting their property value.


IoT solutions are frequently being adopted as it provides benefits like security and control of data, tenant satisfaction and lower cost of energy consumption.

And this helps buildings to bestow a contentious advantage in a congested marketplace and hence enhance their property value.

Commercial property owners have diminished risk and minimized downtime by adopting ?smart? technology solutions. Thus, the reduction in the risk, commercial property owners are authorized to better adjust for lower insurance premiums.

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