How Much It Cost To Build A Real Estate Application With Advance Feature

26 November 2018
How Much It Cost To Build A Real Estate Application With Advance Feature
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Mobile App Development - an essential phase for businesses directly dealing with customer data and serve customers.  Many organizations cherished a notable hike in business profits adopting mobile apps.

Mobile apps can be advantageous to enhance brand visibility when the audience base effectively targeted. This implies that the apps should embrace customer requirements.

No denial, how efficiently the major industries,  including healthcare, real estate, retail, education, etc are making optimal use of mobile apps.

The Real Estate Mobile Apps also not behind. Real estate industry has many problems - easily solved with mobile apps -  by make app end-user oriented. The mobile app provides proper information about all real estate properties at a glance, where they can analyze the property and even get the direct contact number of property owners is difficult.

There are numerous amazing real estate mobile apps, especially for house hunting and real estate listing for agents. If we talk about the number,  a survey conducted in the year 2017 reveals that 44% of customers searched online to avail great property deals. the number will further surprise you, as only 17% of users contacted a real estate agent, and approx 6% drove to the neighborhood to explore for a fitting property.

Why Real Estate Apps Are Necessary:

? The Customer Does Not Have Time
In this fast evolving Technological era, People look for a quick solution.

? Lack of information
In the traditional way of property exploring, the authenticity lacks and sometimes the information is incomplete, which can trigger trouble.

? Budget
One of the essential concern is Budget. Apps provide filter option, where users can shortlist the desired property and can make their mind among the selected property. it enables them to find the right place in the budget and that too as early as possible without real estate mobile apps. Further, real Estates brokers suck money as well.

Trend & Popularity Reason

For instance; Zillow and Trulia have set the trends in the real estate business. They are making the process of selling homes meaningful, comfortable and hassle-free. The method rendered is straightforward and creative with their internet advertising administrations. As we know, the majority of the house purchaser?s make an online inquiry, searching for properties. These innovations are countable in the area of Real Estate Web Development for contribution.

The benefits owed by real estate mobile application states how crucial are these apps. Thus, here in this blog lets explore the Must-to-have features for property portal.

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 Additional Feature:

? Geo-location Tagging
It enables the user to review the respective property nearby the current location.

? Mortgage Calculator
This calculator allows the user to calculate the monthly EMI easily and reminds to pay if the user has purchased the house on loan.

? Interest Rate Calculator
The Interest Rate Calculator is an advanced feature and determines real interest rates on loans with fixed terms and monthly payments.  This helps users to understand certain taxes and insurance correlated with the property in a simplified manner.

? Map View
This feature is best for the user, in case they want to search the surrounding property.

? Blog
Here, the owner can add informative blogs to educate users about real estate. This increases the in-app time of the users keeping them engaged.

? Testimonials
This feature showcase the valuable testimonials of the client which increases the authenticity of the app and let users monitor the real reviews.

? Social Sharing
The social sharing option allows the app owner to bestow the properties on rent/sell on social media channels o hit a larger user base in an engaging manner.

? Live Showing
The buyer can watch the live inspection of the property by the agent.

Technology Stack

? Cloud - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
? Push Notifications - PushEngage,, Urban Airship, Parse push
? SMS - Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo, Plivo
? Payments - Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Credit/Debit Cards, Netbanking
? Real-time Analytics - Hadoop, BigData, Spark, Cisco
? Database - MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Oracle

 Real Estate Mobile Application Development Cost?

The real estate app?s cost depends upon the number of features and complexities involved. However, a Real Estate App Development Company breaks down the cost of a real-estate app based on the following components:

? UI/UX Design
? iOS and Android native app development
? Backend development
? Web development
? MVP testing
? Quality assurance (Polishing and bug fixing)


In order to modernize your land business, taking some critical decisions will help to boost ROI fast and efficiently. And implementing mobile application advancement in your business is one of the digital era necessity.

Today, the on-demand apps have possibly outranked real estate website development

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