Social Media App Technology Stack: How Do You Develop a Social App?

27 March 2018
Social Media App Technology Stack: How Do You Develop a Social App?
Social Media App Technology Stack: How Do You Develop a Social App?
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Considering social media from a business prospect, no doubt will be a promising market. As we know, this segment already treasures many dominant players, however, the rapid development of technology is constantly changing and opening up new opportunities which can develop more new ideas into reality. 

In today?s competitive era, when it comes to implementing social media for your business, it is highly recommended to have a mobile application for success.  

With the popularity of Social networking trend, the social media apps are gaining huge insight. And this is reason developers are looking forward to explore more engaging feature for social media apps to attract more people. No denial, competing with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is really tough. However, social network app attracts individuals, startups, and SMEs, as the audience is getting wider and greater. 

This trend is forecasted to soar, as per Statista, new users of different ages, backgrounds, and interests are joining those who use social media on a daily basis (every year). Furthermore, it has also been observed that with more participation on social media, people have started spending more time on their phones on daily basis.

Understanding the great requirement for social media app development, social media app development company offer a unique set of functionalities apart from profiles, communication tools, and notifications. 

In this blog, let?s draw your attention to social network application development;

Connection with existing social media

Well,  using the existing social media is an easy way to build a user profile in order to connect the app. As we know,  profile-centric, social networking apps are more popular. Therefore, personal details of the existing app users are already available at the core database of social network app development. As an alternative, users can also enter an email and password to sign up, or simply with the "connect" button, it is better and easy to offer a new experience to the users.

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Opportunities for self-expression

Nowadays, a user looks for creative, extraordinary and outside-the-box features that help them to express in a unique way. Hence, the app should include some tools and features like customization of profile pictures, backgrounds, nicknames, etc. to satisfy their desire. 

For example, you might have seen awesome filters on Instagram, and that attracts users easily. VSCOcam hit professional photographers, and as the same way, SoundCloud aspires musicians. 

Making network

If you have a profile on different social media, but you don't have any network i.e. people or friends, do you think it is going to create any sense, then the answer is a "big No". Therefore, social media app developers should make a perfect system that lets users invite friends easily.

Arranging the Newsfeed

To make the social network more engaging, it is necessary to feed content that will establish interactive communication, discussion, and sharing. Content can be in form of user-generated stories, user-uploaded audio, video, presentations, or photos, and etc. Sharing content on a social network can influence people in one or the other way that motivate more people to join social media app.


Once after establishing a proper channel for sharing news feed, it?s all about the user experience of interaction with the platform. However, users can share various feed depending upon the moods like 1check-ins, statuses, video, audio and photo uploads. Moreover, developers can develop a social media app for Android and iOS, by allowing the news feed to perfectly fits the specificity of social media app.

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Well, it's a tough task to choose a technology stack for social network app development because the abundance of tools and features constantly hit the market. Social media apps have taken over business offering an easy medium to connect or network target audience easily. 

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