How Much Does it Cost to build a Healthcare App?

01 March 2019
How Much Does it Cost to build a Healthcare App?
How Much Does it Cost to build a Healthcare App
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Whether it's a mobile startup or established brand, there are some essential considerations to make if planning to develop a mobile application. It is quite necessary to execute the planning with an innovative idea - then only it can lead to a success story.

As we know, The terms of ?Healthcare Mobile App Development?, ?digital health? and mHealth? have evolved to a much greater extent. These specifications came to existence with the digital transformation and interactive mobility.

Complying the shift in preferences, practice, and lifestyle of people, the healthcare industry has come up with more advanced wellness and fitness apps.

Future of Healthcare Apps: Let?s have a look on Statistics

Approx 259000 healthcare apps were available in 2016 from 59000 mHealth app publishers on majority app stores.

It would be fair to say that healthcare mobile app development industry is one of the fastest growing one's today.

The global mHealth app market is growing at the rate of 32.5% CAGR.

The market for mobile medical apps is projected to reach approximately a hundred billion Euros by 2022.

As per Pricewaterhouse Cooper's analytics, mobile devices have revolutionized healthcare industry:

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Today, the healthcare organizations are centering their focus on building standard mobile applications for both patients and clinicians in order to take benefit of the revolutionary changes in healthcare app development.

Hence, there is an inevitable requirement for advanced mobile application platforms to build a secure and efficient application. However, the platform should be available and compatible adequate with the modern IT foundations.

Well, at the pre-planning phase, going with a simple design of the entire development is highly recommended by the experts. With more technology development, it will be crucial to add more values and for big organizations, it's a bonus (mobile apps drive competitive benefit).

When planning to work on a healthcare mobile app, it's imperative to choose the correct sort of mobile healthcare applications advancement platform. It will certainly empower associations to utilize their improvement assets accurately.

Different Healthcare Mobile Apps: Patients & Doctors

Fitness & Healthcare Mobile Apps:

This app is aimed to manage personal health to track nutritional information, calorie intake, workout details, heartbeats, weight loss, and weight gain. Users have access to regular healthcare, fitness and wellness tips via push notifications.

Medication Tracking App:

These apps are exclusively designed for reminder purpose. With this type of app, the patient can be reminded for specific activities and for taking the daily dosage of prescribed medication. This benefits patients in fast recovery with on-time medication for the critical disease.

Emergency Care Apps:

These apps help to reach the nearest hospital or clinic at the time of emergency. It provides detail information - including directions to reach the clinic, travel time, doctor's availability and waiting time.

Chronic Care Apps:

A great app for people suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, tumor, blood pressure or other heart diseases. Chronic Healthcare Mobile App is the perfect tool to monitor the health of patients.

Pregnancy Apps:

This app allows to track record of scheduled appointments with doctors. It also educates patients on infant care, information on prenatal and postnatal.

Other types of healthcare mobile app are hospital asset management app, patient database management app, hospital staff management app and many more.

What?s the Cost to Build Healthcare Mobile App

There are different types of healthcare mobile apps, therefore the cost also varies accordingly - it entirely depends on the type of mobile app, its complexity, number of features, integration with other smart devices and the platform. Well, these are the most deciding factors for building a healthcare mobile app.

Well, the biggest factor that affects the development costs of a healthcare app is feature integration!

cost to build healthcare apps

Going through the rough estimate - the approximate cost to build healthcare mobile app ranges anywhere between 7000 Euros to 11000 Euros. However, the final amount depends on the number and complexity of features you wish to include in the medical mobile app and kind of interface you choose.

With the advancing time, there has an upsurge in Health app development costs. Today the average mHealth app costs $425,000 to develop until launch. 47% of the costs are distributed externally on development, 11% are outsourced externally on marketing.

It costs $425,000 today to develop a mobile health app. $425,000 are just the average expenditures including internal and external development costs as well as marketing costs. The expenses don?t involve maintenance or follow-up development costs after launch.


Healthcare Industry holds huge potential for mobile application development. Thus, planning for building innovative medical apps can be a futuristic way to reap the benefit in long term.

Hire reputed healthcare Mobile App Development Company that takes pride in experimenting with the latest technology and deliver a great experience for the respective industry.

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