How UX will Take on E-commerce App & Website in 2019?

22 February 2019
How UX will Take on E-commerce App & Website in 2019?
How UX will Take on E-commerce App & Website in 2019?
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Considering 2018 a paragon for user experience (UX) design wouldn't be wrong as the amazing evolution will continue to embrace its impact in 2019 as well.

Over the last few years, Digital design has been constantly improvising and new updates are being introduced to enhance the overall user experience, thus, the e-commerce development company is also transforming to match the need of advancing time and user.

Don't misunderstand, digital design with beautiful design only - it is not only about creating beautiful websites, however, it means providing better functionality and usability to fix the evolving demands of online users.

Users - for sure thrives for visually appealing things, however, not at the price of complex functionality. And, UX design holds huge applaud - as it is all about delivering easy and interactive websites with advanced functionality. Thus, their users can enjoy simple and effortless user experience.

Being a renowned E-commerce Development Company - In this article, we are highlighting some of the crucial recommendations beneficial to create a fundamentally great user experience fitting the digital era requirement.

Change In Design Trends:

The advanced UX design trends foster innovation that will grow business. The e-commerce world is growing immensely popular and UX design plays a vital role in increasing customer retention and growth. Here are the main elements in the design Trend as following

1)Visual Depth:

The comeback of Visual depth cannot be ignored, and hopefully, this trend will hit with the shadows, parallax scrolling, and grids.  The aesthetic appeal of web presence can be increased by introducing the effects of shadows, and it also enhances UX highlighting it uniquely. The vibrant color gradients will be in trend with soft shadows and will enhance this effect.

2) Simpler Navigation:

Navigation is the foremost thing that online users look for as it enables the shopper to explore and purchase desired stuff easily and fast. A good e-commerce designer always aims to make simple navigation. Furthermore, more brands are interested to go with sticky tab-based menus to increase navigation efficiency and time on site.

The trend for sticky navigation is getting more popular - combining menu element at the top, bottom or side of the page. This will help customers by allowing instant access to different parts of the site.

3) Content-Focused Design:

The content-focused approach offers a next level value addition to the web application development, thus, considering it a good strategy for gaining quality web traffic won't be wrong. Giving emphasis on content helps a business build trust with its clients by creating a great website that ideally showcases the products, niche, and messages.

4) Mobile-First Design:

The rising use of mobile devices and smartphones in eCommerce cannot be overlooked, as they are the primary method of browsing.

Well, mobile-first design refers to the approach of designing a website for different mobile devices, before considering its accessibility for large-screened devices. Initiating websites with a mobile-first approach is necessary for this mobile dominant era.

Advancement In Technology:

With the technological advancement, the eCommerce Web Development has also experienced a monumental change and still, it is expecting to transform. Let's see how the technologies will transform its path further.

1) Personalization:

Personalization has always supported improvisation and ease the comfort the desire of online shoppers. Implementing the advance tool, offers personalized offers meeting the requisite of customer precisely - what they want, at the right time and at an affordable price.

Personalized User experience based on Machine Learning, data analysis, and AI is convenient and intuitive to offer ideal services.

2) Voice Search:

According to a recent study, it is found that - 30% of the search will be executed without a screen by 2020. The credit goes to voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. It is expected that the early adopter will probably start to reap the benefits or are already benefited in one or the other ways.

Compared to other techs, voice technology is relatively at an early stage; however, the numbers have started to increase as people are using these services every day. The main concern here is to offer great shopping experience at the pace the users adopt technologies and tend to implement it in their life.

3) Gestures:

It is advised to focus on the products that meet customers? need to swipe up, down, to the side, long and so on when designing your eCommerce website or app. Gestures are on boom and expected to replace current on-screen buttons to navigate on most gadgets.

4) Site Performance:

Monitoring the site performance will become an important marketing technique in 2019. Thus, to perform well, eCommerce websites must pose features like fast loading time, progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages.

"According to Google, the average time for a mobile landing page to load is now 22 seconds. (Compare that with the three seconds visitors desire -  to decide if they wills to stay for your page to load. People don't want to wait if they want something, and they want it now.)

Further, Edwin Toonen adds that - page speed is important for SEO, and it is more important for UX, traffic conversion, and general customer happiness."

5) Quick Payments and Hassle-free Checkout:

Online customers have always craved for fast, simple and secure checkout. Once they are equipped with secure, easy and fast checkout process - it will also benefit in lowering cart abandonment, reducing cart drop rate and creating a positive experience.


Why Losing Money Due to bad UX and poor usability?

Investing in User Experience offers quantifiable benefits for your e-commerce stores.

Thus, it is recommended to hire an E-commerce Development Company and invest in UX.

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