Music App Development for Android and iOS

16 September 2016
Music App Development for Android and iOS
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Get on a bus, train or tram, anywhere in any metropolis, you will witness a common view: travelers hooked on to their phones with their earphone or Bluetooth earpiece intact; some totally absorbed, some partially.What do they do the most

Why Invest in Music App Development?

They listen to their favorite audio tracks or albums. Well, this doesn't mean they are not involved in other mobile activities, like emailing, messaging, playing games, etc. At times, they multitask, but the music remains as one of their favorite activities as shown below.

Music App Development: Audience Favorites

How do people enjoy music? From where do they collect tracks or tunes that they are passionate about?  Well, the answer is simple: they stream online music from various audio streaming websites. The image below portrays the few best ones. Today, mostly, all music giants (music service providers or music streaming companies) have their own apps. However, it shouldn?t discourage you to make the next, rather inspire you to make big of the opportunities. Remember, you have more options to woo your audience. Make your app a hub for different service providers or channels, and differentiate being versatile. Offer more ways to listeners to customize your app.

Music App Development: Root Info Solutions

An online music service provider is often constrained by laws that restrict its services to a definite country or area. Also, some are versatile in their offerings, while others, quite specific, catering to the interest of selected listeners. At Root Info Solutions, we have mastered the skills of integrating an Android or iOS music app with any music service providers that your listeners would be interested in.

Our music app developers work in tandem with app designers involved in crafting or designing UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of the app. While doing so, strict attention is given to comply with the guidelines of Google Play or iOS App Store. Our Android and iOS music app developers have hands-on experience in working with the latest programming resources and IDE (Integrated Development Environment made available by Google and Apple respectively.

Our business technology consultant stays in touch with you every time to apprise you of the app development process. We let you have full authority and involvement in the process. Our QAs (Quality Analysts) keep an eye on the entire features and functionalities of the app so that your listeners always derive the best experience from the app they install.

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