Top 5 HTML5 Framework for Mobile App Development

29 September 2018
Top 5 HTML5 Framework for Mobile App Development
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Today, in the mobile application development market, HTML5 has come as a boon with numerous advantages such as easy to create and maintain, budget-friendly and can be deployed on different platforms without any extra costs. Who doesn't want want to reduce costs and complexity, hence, companies are looking to streamline HTML5 mobile app development. Moreover, technology experts have already initiated to combine (CSS) and JavaScript with HTML5 to extract hybrid result,  in order to provide a high-end UI experience and validation support.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

This is also known as Hybrid Mobile Application Development platform which unlocks features for programmers so that their effort and time get reduced. The applications built are written in CSS, HTML or Javascript, similarly as done in the mobile optimized website.

The readymade HTML5 frameworks are excellent for both fresher and experienced developer as it facilitates stability and robustness to HTML5 mobile app development and helps to create high quality and responsive apps.

There are numerous HTML5 frameworks for mobile app development which is used by developers considering their requirements such as usage, accessibility, availability, and flexibility. In this blog listed below are some of the most preferred HTML5 frameworks;

Ionic, considered as one of the best frameworks and also free for mobile app developers. This framework enables you to perform tasks perfectly with it?s easy to use functionality, scalability, and usage on clean markups. The optimized mobile library of JavaScript, HTML and CSS features adds robustness in the apps. Further, along with open-source framework and HTML5, the Front-desk SDK is used to create and improve graphical quality.

Framework 7

Framework 7 does not depend on an external source like React or Angular. This framework relies upon CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Developers use this framework to create apps without code undulation which is an important fact of this mobile app development framework.

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Mobile Angular UI

The top advantage of  Mobile Angular UI is, it has all Bootstrap3 components which are usually absent in other frameworks. These three component are overlays, sidebars, and switches and helps in developing interactive and responsive mobile applications.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK is quite easy to use, this framework is exclusively made for cross-platform app development. The best part of Intel XDK is that download is available on Mac, Linux and Windows, hence developers can use it for developing hybrid mobile apps as it also offers various templates and supports different UI frameworks.

Sencha Touch

In case, you are looking to develop cross-platform applications with JavaScript and HTML5 features, then Sencha Touch can be one of the ideal options for you. It provides excellent support in developing hybrid apps. Well, the framework is a bit costly and worth for giant organizations. It includes Ext.JS, therefore, you can expect to develop an app that exceptionally performance better.

Final Thoughts:

It a proven fact that mobility is future of technology, and choosing the ideal technologies and development frameworks reduce your time and hefty amount.

Gradually these frameworks have transformed over course of time to provide more effective Mobile Application Development.

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