What Fuels Every PhoneGap App Development Company

08 July 2016
What Fuels Every PhoneGap App Development Company
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Posted by Root Info Solutions

CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript - these are the innate components of every PhoneGap build. But how do they perform differently on different target devices? Find your answer with Root Info Solutions, a PhoneGap app development company.

Well, PhoneGap Build service offered by Adobe plays a key role in PhoneGap mobile app development, also dubbed as Cordova development. This is a cloud-based automatic compiler that transforms the high-level programming language offered with a PhoneGap build into the machine language (in the binary system), which can easily run on the target device.

Interestingly, achieving compilation is a child?s play. A PhoneGap developer has to upload the Zip file of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or a single index.html file - to PhoneGap Build along with the configuration file, config.xml file. There is no need to upload native application code files (.c, .h, .m, java, etc). The service automatically injects phonegap.js, cordova.js (identical sources), and any files required by the plugins used in the app. To trigger the compilation,  the developer just needs to point the service towards the SVN repository. The packaging of the components based on the target platform also takes place here itself. Eventually, the build provisions the download URLs for the target platforms.

However, there are two more key achievements with PhoneGap Build that we can?t ignore. First, it has eased management and collaboration, which is an essential factor in improving the productivity of a workforce. And second, it assists with debugging the app and pushing any enhancements to the app version as and when required, and lets developers work with the recent version, which is important for quality delivery.

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How can a PhoneGap app development company avail the PhoneGap Build service? Adobe facilitates 3 plans as shared below.

PhoneGap Development

The last plan is made available through the authorized resellers of Adobe.

Thus, we find that Adobe is committed to delivering more through its flagship service to let developers deliver quality cross-platform mobile apps. Not to surprise, the endeavor has started bearing fruits. PhoneGap apps are no more confined to smartphones alone. They are conquering the next frontier, the Internet of Things (IoT) and have found many more new addresses in the form of wearables and the next generation of smart  concept. Wondering what?s that? Well, I meant the smart car, smart home and various smart sensors (often witnessed in healthcare and other sectors), that are responsible for collecting, processing and transmitting data as per the needs of users.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Interested in PhoneGap app development, but don?t know how it can contribute to your business success and make a difference in the customer experience. Visit our Portfolio to have a glance of some of the stellar PhoneGap apps.

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