5 Reasons Why You Need Employee Advocacy Social Media App

19 January 2018
5 Reasons Why You Need Employee Advocacy Social Media App
Why You Need Employee Advocacy Social Media App
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No advertising can equate the power of word-of-mouth, the oldest social channel. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers give more weightage to recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. Ever thought you could taste this oldest recipe with the help of your employees? How their word-of-mouth on social media can make you achieve business goals? Here are 5 reasons to revive this employee advocacy marketing endeavor with social media.

1. Employee advocacy helps you extend your reach

On average, your employees may have 100 to 500 connections on social media platforms. In fact, this is an open fact and, hence, we don?t need to source a quote. Let your content marketing reaps the benefit of those connections. All that you is an organized approach that encourages and inspires your people to share your content and extend its reach. 

2. Employee advocacy adds credibility to your social communication

When someone or something sounds reliable to you, you tend to follow the person or share the content. Isn?t it so? The same goes for your target audience. Fortunately, employee advocacy works as a trusted catalyst and transforms a user-engagement into conversion. Let?s see how it contributes to the business bottom line. 

Sales reps leveraging social media as a sales tool outpace 78% of their peers. Mark Fidelman, a Forbes Columnist, take the example of Jim Keenan, a social sales specialist to prove this claim. Not just the salesperson was able to excel but also making less effort and investing almost 10 percent less time than what his counterparts were putting into. 

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3. Content shared by employees gains more traction

How often do you open your promotional emails? How often you check status updates of your friends and family? There would be a huge margin between the two. People tend to ignore promotional offers considering those as intrusive, however, they can?t afford to miss the updates shared by their loved ones. Fortunately, with social media app development focused on employee advocacy, you can make the most of the latter human tendency. 

4. Employee advocacy campaigns show better conversions than regular campaigns

Leads generated through social selling has 7 times higher conversion probability. Sourced from IBM, the statistics reveal the hidden potential of social selling, and when the attempt is advocated by real people, your employees, other than through advertisement, it becomes all the more effective. Try to leverage their LinkedIn and other professional connections, as the corresponding platforms are highly reliable for discovering the right talents.

5. Advocacy programs help with acquiring the right talents 

Employee referral is a popular strategy that is often exercised by human resource professionals to hire the right talent. It not reduces the effort of discovering and the cost of acquisition but also ensures that the hired resource is more suitable with the business requirements. And, employees enjoy working with their peers as they have a better mutual understanding. All this contributes to the business bottom line significantly.

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How to Unleash the Power of Employee Advocacy 

Social media is a productivity killer at workplaces. Moreover, sharing an irrelevant content at an inappropriate time is a sheer wastage of effort. So, you need to implement employee advocacy program wisely. So before you jump on the bandwagon of employee advocacy and hire a social media app development company for the same, you must define your goals and what measures you want to take to achieve those. The software or tool that you build not just make it easier for your employees to dig into the useful content but also encourage them applying gamification or other features in the right way.
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