Hire Best App Development Company for iOS App Development

15 February 2018
Hire Best App Development Company for iOS App Development
Hire Best App Development Company for iOS App Development
Posted by Root Info Solutions

The landscape of iOS app development is changing rapidly, and there is a good deal of reasons ranging from iOS operating system innovation to availability of latest featured iPhone/Pad to soaring expectation of customers and the evolving marketplace for businesses. Either you are an entrepreneur or own a crucial business position, here are top 5 considerations to make while hiring an iOS app development company for your project.

Define the Goal

Your technology investment must be not without reason. So, how do you want to help your audience, or make a difference to what they do, and how they do? Write this goal on the top on a whiteboard or notepad. With more than 5 millions of apps available across different app distribution platforms, it?s quite possible that your goal clash with someone in the market. Whether it?s happened coincidently or intentionally, you shall not give up citing the competition involved or the challenges that come therein.

Identify Your Mobile App Project Requirements

Unless you are obsessed with getting an exact clone, it?s quite possible that your iOS app development requirements will be different from that of apps that are representing your competitors? business. So what kind of app idea do you have? It?s understood that there would be some common features including registration/login, profile, settings, etc., and some as unique that you think will make you stand out in the crowd.

Again, there can be ideas with the potential to turn the table in your favor and make your app steal the spotlight on app distribution platform. So, complete  your list of requirements one by one

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Write an Effective Job Post

Use the above information in your brief to create a detailed job post that will appeal to the type of iOS app development company you?re looking for. Your job post must define three aspects very clearly:

1. Results: What deliverable(s) do you expect?
2. Targets: What are your deadlines? Are you breaking app development down into phase?
3. Time: What are the start and end dates for your app development, and your submit-by goal date?

Highlight the app development skills required to do justice with your project. Mention programming language, IDE, specific framework, API, etc.

Post your Requirements on a Leading Trusted Platform

Choose the marketplace wisely where you can have abundant choices to make from the wide pool of talents. If you are constraints regarding TTM (time-to-market) and want the project to be completed within a strict timeline, go for the paid version as that helps with getting more visibility for your requirements and also to the right-match companies or candidates.

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Examine the Proposal Letters You Receive

As the jobs or proposals are submitted, you?re likely to receive quotations or estimates from different app development companies. Some freelance iOS developers may also express interest in your project. Closely examine the quotations you get. Start communicating with potential technology firms or developers breaking the ice to explore all possible opportunities of working together in a way that is commercially viable and mutually beneficial. Here are some points to look for:

Professionalism. Check out their profiles available on leading marketplaces including Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour, and others. Observe how they present themselves in general.

Talent. iPhone app development is critical particularly if you want to submit the app to App Store. Its app review team is notorious for punishing developers and UX designers who are not serious and honest in their approach. Their proposal, profile, and portfolio must demonstrate their talent.

Experience. How much experience does the app development company have got under its belt? Does it have developers with hands-on experience in iOS-specific software such as the Xcode IDE, Cocoa frameworks? Most importantly, are they full-stack developer (handling UI design, software architecture, and programming) or do they get some part of the job from others?

Feedback. Read between the lines of feedback, review or rating to know what existing clients exactly feel about the app development companies you are in discussion with. How well did the firms/developers address the business challenges through their expertise and how good were they in communication and timeliness?

Portfolio. Don?t confuse with a lengthy portfolio. Focus on projects that are similar to yours. Check out the case studies if available to have a 360-degree view of what was done in the project.
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