How to Build a Location-Based Social Search Mobile App Like Tinder

31 January 2018
How to Build a Location-Based Social Search Mobile App Like Tinder
How to Build a Location-Based Social Search Mobile App Like Tinder
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Need to build a Tinder-like location-based social search app? Well, if you are seriously focused on monetizing the dating culture, then this $1.35 billion dating app (as valued by Bank of America Merrill Lynch) could serve as a beacon for you and your social media app development company.

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Key Features of Tinder

Tinder makes its services available on a subscription-based concept. Let?s take into consideration the features available with three subscriptions:

tinder features
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Basic Version: Swipe, Superlike, Chat Modules, Location, Set Matching Preferences, Match Algorithm, Mutual Connections

Tinder Plus: Rewind, unlimited right swipes, 5 Superlikes a day, Ad-free, Hide distance, Hide age, Control whom you see, Passport, Boost

Tinder Gold: Features of Tinder Plus + See how many people have liked you, directly from the grid auto-match, dismiss, or click into the person?s profile

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Usability of Key Features of Tinder

1. Facebook or Instagram Login

This is a part of its customer acquisition strategy. Not just the social authentication helps with quick onboarding of new users but also helps to validate the profile of the users and make its platform more trustworthy.

2. Matching Algorithms

Here comes imbibing the social media app with intelligence so that it can compare a profile with the hundreds and millions of profiles that are already in the database and suggest a relevant match to the user.

3. Find Matches

This enables users to search for dating partners. They can perform a search based on criteria like interests, age, gender, etc. Here comes into action the most exciting feature - Swipe - that allows users to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) a profile.  

4. Discovery Settings

Users can configure their profile settings to make it more attractive and trustworthy.

5. Push Notifications

Whenever a suitable match is found by the algorithm of the app, the push notifications feature notifies about the same to the user over SMS or email.

6. Browse Profile

Users an explore profiles based on preferences, see the images and browse through mutual friends. Swipe on the screen for liking or disliking anybody?s profile.

7. Private Chat

The feature enables users to chat. The conversation is encrypted from end-to-end. Thus, it helps the user maintain their maintain their privacy.

8. Geolocation

This helps a user to find a friend or partner based on his/her proximity to the device. The GPS feature draws its power from magnetometers and gyroscope sensors incorporated in the device.

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Tinder?s monetization strategy

Free or paid - how will you offer your app. Tinder first went free and upon touching the success height, launched its paid versions. If you want to offer it from free,  you might want to recover the social media app development cost and its maintenance through some intelligent monetization strategy.

App monetization strategies of Tinder

  • Ads
  • Subscription (Freemium model)
  • Paid standalone features
  • Sponsored profiles

Tinder?s Technology Stack

  • Product & Design: Adobe Typekit, Blossom, Google Fonts, Sketch
  • Programming Language for iOS: Objective-C, Swift
  • Programming Language for Android: Java, Kotlin
  • Backend / API: Scala, SQS, Kinesis, Kafka, Spark, Kubernetes, Rundeck and EMR, Node.js
  • Database: Mongo, Dynamo, Redis, Marketing: Amazon SES, Mailgun, SendGrid
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • HR: Greenhouse
  • Productivity & Accounting: G Suite, Siftery

Talents You Need to Build a Tinder-Like App

Social media app development is a teamwork. You need people of the following profiles

  • UI/UX Designer
  • iOS/Android Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Compliance Engineer
  • Project Manager

Cost Analysis 

Wondering how much does it cost to build a Tinder-like app? Let?s do some maths to find the answer. 

App development cost = Time taken by the entire team  ? hourly rate charged by the mobile app development company 

Time required to create an app for 1 platform

Design: 70-100 hours
App Build coding: 170 - 250 hours
Backend: 200-275 hours
Project Manager: 100-125 hours
Quality Engineer: 80-100 hours

Total: 620 - 825 hours

Hourly Rate of Social Mobile App Development Companies

The hourly rate varies from $15 to $ 150 based on the economy a company belongs to and its market value. Even in emerging economies in Asia, you can find a wide disparity between the minimum and maximum social media app development cost. However, while choosing your technology partner, you must emphasize their technology prowess and record of product development and delivery. So, your app development cost (basic features considered)  will range between $ 9300 and $ 123, 750.

Disclaimer: The content published here is just for marketing purpose to give website users a rough idea on the technology budget, it doesn?t claim that Root Info Solutions copies, clones, modifies, alters any existing codes, or performs a reverse-engineering to create such an app. We create an app from scratch based on the idea and requirements of our clients.

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