Now Nonprofits Have More Reasons to Go with iPhone App Development Services

14 September 2017
Now Nonprofits Have More Reasons to Go with iPhone App Development Services
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Communication and fundraising are at the core of the functioning of any non-profit organization. However, unlike their counterparts in retail, real estate, and other sectors, who moved to mobile apps in the wake of the digital shift of consumers from web to mobile, non profit owners maintained a considerable distance from iPhone app development services due to some apprehensions. 

Fortunately, the time doesn?t remain all the same. Remember, the old adage constant is the only change. Discover top 5 benefits that your nonprofit organization can have with iOS app development services

1. Apple Lifts 7-Year Old Ban on Fundraising through its Nonprofit Apps

Fundraising through iPhone or iPad apps no longer remains a challenge with Apple authorizing the use of Apple Pay by its iOS app developers in building fundraising apps. Though it has been almost a year, the announcement came in the fall of 2016, it couldn?t garner the required attention of the iOS developers community as well as that of nonprofits due to varied reasons. Apple cited challenges associated with fund management as the reason, while experts attributed it to the exposure of its acute capitalist policy that was on the verge of being sabotaged. Usually, Apple takes a cut of 30% from the in-app purchase, but it found difficult to get the same rule implemented in case of donors making payments to a nonprofit.

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2. Mobile App Time Spent Touches New Heights

Mobile apps are accountable for 80 percent of the total mobile time spent, according to comScore Global Mobile Report 2017. In addition, iOS has a healthy userbase in the US, UK and Canada.

So, if you want to get your causes resonated there, you should think of seeking iPhone app development services from a reputed technology firm. How should your fundraising app work? Plan this well before you actually send your app development requirement to your iOS app development company.

Look at some inspiring non profit apps like CauseWorld and The Extraordinaries. The phenomenal success of the former is no more a secret. The app has been empowering the nonprofit to achieve several milestones. Until 2010, the nonprofit provided 272,000 meals to people in the U.S., planted 74,000 trees, and served people in drought-hit areas in developing countries via Children's Safe Drinking Water with 27 million liters of clean water.

3. More Chatbot Choices for iOS Users

Guess the most trending technology? Thinking AI chatbots? You got it right. Now you can drive user engagement on your iOS app using a chatbot. You have more choices than ever. Choose any from the ready-to-go chatbots  like Facebook Messenger bots, Telegram bots, Chatterbot, Virtual Talk, Luka, to name a few; or ask your iOS development company for custom chatbot development and integration. However, chatbot being a new entrant in the mobile app development world, not many companies have aced the expertise. 

4. Better Support from iOS Proprietary Apps

Nowadays, you can provide more native experience to your volunteers and donors by leveraging the proprietary iOS apps, including Siri, Phone, Maps and Messages. Enhancements to Spotlight and Apple Pay are further to complement the user experience and ensure a greater success. 

Key Takeaways

iOS is getting better at every front to help you drive your causes and make indelible impression on lives you serve. All that you need to do is to find the right technology partner that can do justice with your iOS app development project. 

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